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Nautical Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Ngumpi.com – Elegant nautical living room style from a Hamptons house, Nautical decor to accent your nautical living room style. Deep blues, crisp blacks, warm purples, soft greens, taupe accents, and loads of nautical design styles make these sophisticated living rooms of their own. Deep sea blue ocean themed living rooms, with ocean-inspired colors and patterns, are a great alternative for those who want a seaside design without the inconvenience of living on the beach. Choose from one of the many selections of these nautical living room furniture and accents to add your personal touch to your nautical home.

Accessories To Complete The Nautical Living Room

To complete your nautical living room, you’ll also need a few accessories. One very nice accessory would be a wall scroll with a sea-life or fish print pattern, this is a great accent piece, especially if you have a sea-side cottage style floor plan. Other great accessories for your seaside home include sea shell shaped ornaments, sea glass ornaments, faux coral pendants, faux seaweed pendants, or a large selection of sea shells. For a truly authentic look, use shells from an antique store in your walls as well as on your sea tables and cabinets. Natural wooden accent pieces, such as sea shells, are a very natural and easy way to bring a nature lover’s touch to your nautical living room.

If you are purchasing new items to decorate your nautical living room, it’s a good idea to go with quality rather than quantity. Choose high quality materials, such as solid wood doors, hardwood floors, wicker or rattan tables, and stainless steel appliances. Go with classic styles that lend themselves to nautical themes. You might consider choosing a coffee table that is a size larger than what you have on your dining room table. Look at accent chairs that are sea green, tan, or brown. Look for furniture that has a wide comfort area for your family.

Nautical Living Room Decoration Tips

When it comes to nautical living room decoration, one thing you should definitely do is add photos of the beautiful Caribbean sky, the wonderful beaches, or any other nautical decor you may desire. This can be done using a small photo frame, a poster, or even an actual photograph. A great idea for your seaside decor, you could hang a sea shell shaped curtain rod to add to the lovely sea life decor. You can also choose to incorporate other types of sea decor into your nautical decor. Instead of using a sailboat themed rug, try using an actual sailboat printed wallpaper border. This will provide your living room with a sense of motion, as if passing by on a small sailboat.

If you don’t want to go all out with nautical living room decoration, you might want to just use the great look of coastal flooring instead. For this look, you’ll want to choose a beautiful, yet simple coastal coffee table and accent it with some coastal flooring. Coastal coffee tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. A coffee table with wood accents would be a great addition to a nautical themed living room, or one with clean lines and light color would be perfect for a more modern look.

Added Various Fabrics For Nautical Theme

You can bring this nautical living room theme to life by adding a variety of fabrics to your coastal flooring. A great way to get this look started is to find a rug that reminds you of the beach. There are a variety of rugs that will match the style of your home, and there are a couple that are especially made for nautical themes. Finding a beautiful beach theme rug for your home is quite easy because most rugs are made with beautiful patterns that remind one of the sand down under. A colorful rug like this would really add to the beach bliss feel of your home.

The other way to bring your nautical living room interior design ideas to life is to use beach house tour photos around the house. To do this, you’ll need to take some gorgeous beach photos (of the same size, of course, not too large or too small) and then print them at home or find some old rugs that you can use as the background for your photos. Using beach house photos around your home is a great way to bring the look of the ocean right into your home.

If you have a lot of guests over, it’s a good idea to put up some nautical pillows to give everyone a good view of the passing waves. For an even better effect, you can find some seaside pillowcases that feature intricate sea shells printed across the back. Pillows can really pull the look of a nautical living room together, and they can be used with just about any other furnishing scheme.



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