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Mid Century Modern Style Homes

Ngumpi.com – Whether you’re an admirer of Meryl Streep’s modern home or have spotted one on Mad Men, mid-century modern-style houses are having another moment. They blend the outside with the inside by way of big windows and open floor plans.

Mid-Century Modern with a Design that Integrates with Nature

Buying one could require more maintenance than newer homes, however. A thorough property inspection from a qualified professional might help you identify any potential issues. During the mid-century modern movement, architects were developing a style that focused on forward thinking designs that seamlessly blend into nature. This means floor-to-ceiling windows, open layouts and a connection to the outdoors.

The defining flat planes in this architectural style are usually the roofs. Some feature a single slope that angles down on one side of the house to meet a shorter wall, while others have a butterfly roof that subverts conventional design ideas with two opposing peaks. Both styles allow light to enter rooms from multiple angles without compromising privacy and structural integrity. Other exterior elements include the use of natural materials like brick, wood and stone that reflect the organic feel of this architecture. A large front yard with landscaping that includes native trees and shrubs is a must, and the integration of the home with nature is emphasized through a number of outdoor access points.

Indoors, short staircases between rooms and partial brick walls and cabinetry of varying heights create changes in elevation that add dimension to a room. Many mid century modern house plans feature a plethora of windows. They are designed to let in plenty of natural light, which accentuates the clean lines of this style. This also provides ample views of the outdoors, which adds a more spacious feel to any room.

The Perfect Way to Display an Outdoor Landscape

Wide and tall, casement windows look fantastic in mid-century modern homes. They are grille-free and open like doors to allow uninterrupted vertical views and fresh air. You can pair them with awning windows for floor-to-ceiling walls of windows, which are perfect for showcasing your outdoor landscaping.

Because of the amount of natural light that mid-century modern homes tend to have, window treatments that provide both privacy and style are important. For example, you might consider sheer roller shades that offer a minimal aesthetic and block UV rays. They are available in a range of colors and fabrics to match your decor. They can also be fitted with a cordless lift, which makes them a safer option for children and pets.

The clean lines and open layouts of Mid-Century Modern home styles allow them to fit well with nearly any interior design approach. For example, this Seattle home from a remodel by Mark Odom incorporates minimalist principles while still embracing a Mid-Century Modern aesthetic. This look is enhanced by warm, earthy colors like the tangerine sofa in the living room and the mustard-colored home office chair, as well as wood furniture and accents, such as black walnut or teak.

Character and Architecture for Mid-Century Modern Style

After World War II, Americans put a major emphasis on lifestyle and family time, so homes built during this period emphasized open, airy living spaces that connected homeowners with nature and each other. Homes were designed for comfort and efficiency, with large windows that allowed for views of the backyards, as well as open kitchens that made it easy to cook and entertain. The resurgence of the Mid-Century Modern style has resulted in high demand for remodels and new construction. This style fits the needs of many buyers, including Millennials who want to buy older homes for their character and unique architecture.

One of the primary characteristics associated with mid-century modern style is a love for connecting and accessing nature. This often translates to outdoor living spaces with seamless indoor/outdoor flow. In this Arizona home designed by Teass Warren Architecture, a curved red brick path complements the house with its non-linear form and supports a swath of shady plants. A turquoise door and window frames evoke the mid-century modern aesthetic of this single level house plan.

The clean lines of a mid century modern style home lend themselves to a variety of hardscape and plant choices. Here, a low-growing shrub and an atrium of boulders blend with the sleek geometric shapes of the backyard furniture by Nelson and the sculptural paper lanterns by Noguchi. The garage door is an important feature of this style, so consider upgrading it with a bold color paint or a translucent design that lights up at night and connects the front of the home to its natural surroundings.



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