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Give Your Play Room a Touch of White

Ngumpi.com –¬†Gray and white playrooms have always been popular with boys. They were so handy having a small playroom in the basement, where they could be in the kitchen while cooking dinner or watching the boys playing! Since the playroom used to be on top of the basement stairs, it needed to be visually pleasing yet still be functional! After some research I realized that there were so many different options available to me when choosing a new playroom. Gray and white are my choices and they turned out great!

First Things When Creating a White Playroom

The first thing that I noticed when looking at the white playroom was how much more space it provided. I love having the room to play, but sometimes that space is just not enough. A smaller white playroom gives me the perfect amount of space for all of my stuff without overcrowding. With the smaller white children’s play space, I have the perfect nook for my remote controls, books, DVD player, computer and TV – everything I need to entertain my child!

White and Gray Playroom Another thing that I really love about white playroom tables is that they blend in with the other decorations in my home. When choosing a decorative theme for the playroom, I wanted to go with something neutral so the play room table wouldn’t stand out and look like an odd color. By adding this decorative theme to the white playroom tables, it makes it a perfect match for all of my other decorations. The lighter colored playroom table helps blend into the flooring and wall colors in my home, giving it that coordinated look.

Gray Playroom Table Another thing that I love about the gray play room table is that it looks great against the walls of my kids play room. This theme really works for me because there are certain rooms in my house where I don’t want to have a bright colorful play room table. For example, if I have a guest bedroom that has dark wood cabinets and a black door, I don’t want to decorate it with bright reds and yellows. However, the gray finish on these cabinets gives me that modern look that my kids love. Plus, it blends in with the rest of their home easily, and it doesn’t stand out as much compared to a red or orange kids play room table.

Characteristics of the White Playroom

Playroom Tops With white playroom table tops, I can choose from a variety of different designs and styles. I love being able to choose a beautiful design for the top of my playroom without worrying about the price. The white playroom tops I have chosen are quite affordable and can easily be found at most major home improvement stores. I love that I can find several different designs and styles to choose from.

The next piece of furniture I decided to add to my white playroom is a grouping of three chairs. These chairs are simple, yet add such a unique look to my white playroom. They are called “chairs” but you can also find them referred to as “favors.” All three of these pieces of furniture go great with my white playroom table. The kids love sitting in the chair in “the Favors,” so I think this is a great idea for gifts.

Choosing the Right Furniture

The last piece of furniture I decided to place in my kids’ playroom is a bench. Benches can really spice up any play room. It’s nice to have a bench in the back yard so you can sit outside while your kids are having some fun. If you’ve ever had the chance to visit a child’s friend who has a “junky” playroom, you know what a difference a good bench makes.

You’ll be surprised at how much a good white playroom table and chairs can transform your play area. My wife is absolutely amazed when we get home from our shopping trip and see how much our play space has improved! It’s like a miracle when we add the white play furniture, but I don’t think it will take away from the white playroom table and chairs. You’ll just have to see it for yourself!



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