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How to Create a Small Hollywood Glam Look

Ngumpi.com – Everyone wants to own a small Hollywood glam home. It’s hard to believe that Hollywood is not more than a small town, but everyone dreams of being a famous star or actress. To create an authentic Hollywood glam living room, choose pieces of furniture with bold, shiny crystal chandeliers, large mirror frames, bold art pieces and heavy drapes over them. The art pieces should reflect the light in the room and a large mirror really creates the glamorous shimmering effect around the room. You can add a vintage or a contemporary look to the living room by incorporating a modern table and chairs with leather or metal seating.

A Little Hollywood Glam Look in the Living Room

For a small glam look in your living room use dark, rich fabric like velvet, crepe, velvet and a small sofa with comfortable cushions. Add an old vase with flowers on it and a plant for a feminine touch. Use a pale, off white color on your walls to balance out the dark color on the sofa and walls. You can even use different fabrics like stripes or some prints for a small Hollywood glam look.

For the floors in your living room you might consider using area rugs that have a minimalistic look. These types of rugs are perfect for a small Hollywood glam living room design because it adds an excessive shine to the walls and sofa without making the room overcrowded. Area rugs with bold patterns or large floral designs also help to define the clean lines of the living room. Use rugs on top of coffee tables as floor rugs or on side tables. This will help to break up the clutter on the floor and define the area as separate from the rest of the living room.

Use of Carpets Under the Small Hollywood Glam Sofa

A small Hollywood glam look can be achieved by adding red carpets on the floor. These carpets should be placed under the chairs and tables so that they are not concentrated in one particular area. Use throw rugs underneath couches and sofas. You can even throw these around the room for a unique touch. A unique piece of art that features your favorite movie character, actress or musician will also be a great accent piece to this room.

Try to stay away from dark and dull colors. Try and find a color that has the same intensity as your wall colors and the furniture colors that are already in the living room. A deep teal blue will add a touch of depth and elegance to your small Hollywood glam look. Adding a small piece of lace fabric will also give your room an extra special look that is subtle but noticeable at the same time. A red vase will also give your room a festive look. If you are in love with red, then make sure to add a few red candles to your floral arrangements.

Considering Furniture Used Little Hollywood Glam

If you have small dining room tables that you would like to add a small table to, then you may want to consider using coffee table accessories. A little box of tissue or a small mirror can be a beautiful addition. Use them sparingly but remember to add them to small tables strategically. If you want to add a little drama to a small table, then a small vase filled with fresh flowers can be the perfect accent. You can also consider adding a small plant to the table. Potted plants are a nice option that can add interest and color to your table without being overbearing.

When decorating a small Hollywood look, the most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to overdo it. The rooms in Hollywood are small and as such you don’t need to cover the whole room with a large rug. In fact, it is a better idea to keep the rug small and leave space between it and the items that you would like to place on it. Instead of adding small rugs to your room, consider using area rugs instead.

Remember, the small Hollywood glam look is all about layers. Don’t clutter up your small living space with large furniture items. Keep in mind that you want your furniture to make a statement as well. Use your imagination and you’ll have a beautiful living space.



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