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A Bathroom Without frills, With Minimalism

Ngumpi.com –┬áThere are countless bathroom fixtures, accessories and vanities that can completely transform your bathrooms into soothing oases of tranquility. This can be great for those who like to pamper themselves in style. With the many beautiful designs, there is no reason that your bathroom can’t be just as impressive as the rest of your home. To make full case for minimalist bathroom style, look up 29 eye-catching examples.

The Focal Point of a Minimalist Bathroom Design

To begin, consider the focal point in your bathroom. The focus could be on a single piece of artwork or a carefully plumped carpet, or perhaps it’s all about an elegant pedestal sink. As a centerpiece, a single towel rack or display bin might be all you need to transform your minimalist bathroom into a soothing retreat. Plus, learn to make a similarly useful and stylish self-help oasis for yourself.

Tying the room together is a simple yet gorgeous addition: a minimalist bathroom vanity. Vanities come in all shapes and sizes, and they can add a wonderful touch of symmetry to your bathroom. From a floating vanity with one tall piece of glass to a mirrored corner tub, nothing can stand in your way as you try to unload your bags or flip through magazines before you hit the shower.

Speaking of which, accent pieces are an important part of any washroom. Bright tiles on a floor that is bare will create a stunning visual effect. Choosing bold accent colors like deep purples, rich browns and black is an easy way to bring bright and clean white walls to life. Or, use elegant bronze grills to stand out. For something a little different, opt for an ornate mirror that is made of brushed metal or delicate crystal – such as one intricately designed to resemble a Roman column.

Choose a Sweet Color

Accents are even more important in minimalist bathroom designs. Use paint colors that contrast with the tiles, as light colors will tend to drown the tiles. Or, look for textured patterns on a white background. Textured tiles work well in many different rooms because of their versatility. You can tile a wall with an earthy tone, then finish it off with a bold contrasting tile to break up the space and make it stand out.

Perhaps the most popular element of a minimalist bathroom is the tub and shower. Choose a tub with a curved back that accents the curved lines of the bathroom. For sleek elegance, choose a marble tub with polished marble walls. Marble offers unique elegance, but you can find a variety of cheaper sources for marble elsewhere. As long as you keep in mind the minimalist styling guidelines mentioned above, you can find elegant alternatives to expensive marble at a fraction of the price.

Giving a Natural Touch to the Bathroom

For minimalists, the finishing touch of potted plants is essential. Most people opt for simple potted plants that sit on a large wall. Look for potted plants with scented flowers that can be used all year long. Try going with an odd shape, like a sundial, a rectangular shape, or an octagon. A round or square pot is also a good choice. Think about what you want to achieve with your minimalist bathroom: a colorful, modern look, or a simple, elegant look.

A few touches of luxury always add a touch of class to any bathroom. Floating towels are a great idea for minimalist bathrooms. As long as they are made of cotton fabrics that are easy to clean, any floating towel can become a part of your home decor. Floating towels are available in a variety of styles and colors. If you want towels that are just as chic as traditional towels, consider hanging some designer cotton towels in coordinating colors from your linen closet. We really appreciate and welcome guest post submissions from you.



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