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How To Decorate A Small Mid-Cities With Mid-Century Modern Living Room Furniture

Ngumpi.com – With the advent of home decorating trends focused on small living rooms, it is becoming increasingly common to design a small mid-century modern living room. As more people live in small apartments with limited outdoor space, living rooms have taken on a unique role in the home design process. The size of the room has become one of the main design considerations. The question becomes, how can you create a small mid-century modern living room that still has all the flair of a large living room?

Considerations in Choosing Furniture

One of the first things to consider is the furniture you choose for your new room. Since the area is usually smaller than the rest of the home, the furniture needs to be more versatile. While the furniture does need to accommodate all of the people who will be using it, there should be enough storage and shelving for books and other items as well as areas for the television and other electronic components. You may decide that the best approach is to use several small seating and dining areas for family gatherings.

Color schemes are another important consideration when you design a small living room. You should take into account the colors of walls and ceilings in the room and choose a warm color palette that appeals to you. Neutral tones are often better choices since they tend to be less overwhelming in small spaces. Remember to keep the lines of the furniture and the walls in mind while you are choosing colors and patterns for the room.

Main Functions Of Lighting

Lighting is another big concern. Since most lighting fixtures are not going to be able to fit into the small area, it is important that you install them in such a way that they are out of the way but still able to provide some light. You may want to install wall sconces or pendant lights as well as ceiling lights. Remember to make sure that you do not block light from your windows or doors.

Once you have designed the room, you may be concerned about finishing details. Finishing touches can help take a drab room and turn it into a cozy and inviting space. Consider using end tables in your room to set small conversations and allow you to be closer to your television or home entertainment system. You may also want to install artwork in the form of paintings or photographs to enhance the walls. Framed pictures placed in a glass wall frame will look nice as well as framed charts or graphs.

Adding a Coffee Table In A Small Living Room

One item that many people tend not to think about, but is actually a great addition to a small living room is a coffee table. Since most people sit at a desk to do their homework or read the newspaper, a small table with some shelving is often not thought of as necessary. However, if you have children or even visitors from time to time, chances are they will sit at your desk to do homework or read the newspaper. If you include a small desk in your small living room design, you will be providing more workspace for them and ensuring that they have somewhere to read or study.

When decorating a small living room, you may be tempted to use wall decor, such as posters or prints. Although this does add an instant appearance of larger size, remember that wall decor will only cover half of the room and leaves the empty space around it. You need to fill this space with items that you want to display. For example, if you have a small TV, you may not need a poster on the wall. A better option is to place an antiques painting or photo in the space, so that you will have an instant art piece that adds a beautiful touch to your small room. Art has a place in any home, and there is no reason it should not be used in your small living room as well.

Using mirrors in your small living room can also be effective. Mirrors help reflect light which creates an illusion of a larger space. The trick here is to avoid placing your mirrors at an angle or above a door. Placing your mirror at a comfortable height for you is much better than trying to hang a large mirror on an over-sized door.



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