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3 Ways To Find The Perfect Dress Style For Your Body Type

ngumpi.comChoosing a dress style is not as simple as picking the color. When it comes to looking beautiful and feel great, the choice you make about the dress style you choose should be based on the body shape. Different Dress Styles. The basic defining characteristics of an A-Line dress are an extremely fitted waist and a very wide skirt. This classic, flattering shape, popularized in the 1960s, looks fantastic on almost any figure, regardless of size or shape. A-lines are also a very chic choice for work wear, particularly when matched with timeless, leather high heels and subtle jewelry.

The one shoulder shift dress style is a really cool option in summer

One-shoulder shift dress style. The one shoulder shift dress style is a really cool option if you want to wear something daring and unique this summer. Wear a fun, oversized tee shirt underneath a flowing maxi dress with a plunging neckline. Then layer on some pretty floral or neutral colored hair accessories and you have the perfect one shoulder look.

Mini Dress. The mini dress is another cool option if you don’t want to go full length. These dresses can be layered or worn alone as an alternative to maxi dresses.

The long sleeve dress offers a number of different silhouette options

Long Sleeve Dress. Long-sleeved dresses are great if you want to make a bold fashion statement. They offer a number of different silhouette options, including empire waist, tea length, long sleeve, and strapless. The best thing about long-sleeved dresses is that they can be worn for a number of different silhouettes, making them appropriate for almost any event.

Peplum Dress. The peplum dress offers a bit of an edge when it comes to style. It has a sexy waistline, long, tapered sleeves, and a V-neckline. This dress style works well for all ages, and can be paired with many different tops. Picking out a nice blouse and jewelry set will complete the look.

A few basic rules when wearing a blazer dress

Blazer Dress. Blazers are always great, especially if you pair them with the right top and bottom. If you’re not sure about how to wear a blazer dress, there are some basic rules to follow. You’ll want to choose a neutral, color-block-patterned top that flatters your body shape, such as a tank top, sweetheart, or plaid fabric. Pair it with a stylish belt, some heels, and a simple clutch bag to create the perfect look. Pair a cashmere sweater or cardigan with this dress style for a cool, casual elegance that looks great with jeans and a t-shirt.

Casual. Nothing says “I’m laid back” better than a white, ankle-length, cotton shirt, a pair of jeans, and a classic leather belt. Wear this dress style with skirts of varying length and colors, dresses with an off-white or pastel stripe, and any type of flats. Skirts and pants in darker hues match this dress style just as well as shirts in brighter colors, and belts with buckles of varying lengths and colors can help to dress up this wardrobe.

When it’s time to update your wardrobe, knowing what dress styles work best with what you have is one of the easiest ways to make an outfit look updated. By using clothing accessories, clothing items, and shoes with the same color and print, you can give your entire wardrobe a fresh look that everyone will love. With a little planning and packing, you’ll always be ready to rock the town in your favorite new outfit.

A-Line dresses are perfect for any occasion

A-Line Dress. This dress style is perfect for almost any occasion, whether professional or social. If you’re heading out to a night out on the town or just want to spend a romantic evening at home, pair a simple a-line dress with sexy heels or boots for a sophisticated yet fun look. Switch up accessories and add something edgy or embellished for even more variety, such as some glitter or crystals to dress up your hair for a more dressed-up look.

A style suitable for those with large hips and thighs

Straight. This style is perfect for those who are self-conscious about their large hips and thighs. Pair a beautiful strapless bra with a pretty clutch and tube dress for the ultimate in style and comfort. Look for a strapless top that compliments your dress or shorts. Tubes in beautiful pastel colors are especially beautiful and elegant for a more formal occasion, such as a night out or a date with an important client.

Nipped In. Nothing brings out the sexiness of a woman quite like a sexy nipped in tummy. A beautiful nipped in tummy dress is ideal for a night out on the town or just spending time with the girls. A flattering shaper will help make your waist look flatter and accentuate your cute little profile. Pair a lightweight cotton nipped in tummy skirt with a skinny jeans waist belt for a sweet and simple look that’s sure to get you all the attention you deserve.



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