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Tropical Kitchen Design Ideas

Ngumpi.com┬áTropical kitchen design ideas are not limited to beach house living. They also apply well to bungalow living, ranch style homes, cottages, and country kitchens. Range from traditional to modern, you’ll find many great ideas here. Take your time and read through all that has here. You may find something you could use in your home.

Tropical Kitchen Design Tips

Bright White and Beige. These two color schemes are great for tropical style kitchen design ideas. You can combine the two and then spice it up with some other designs or textures. For instance, you could have a bright white painted island and add some palm trees on either side.

Natural Elements. This is where you get to play around with the natural elements of your home. From the color palette to the actual materials used, everything has to be as natural as possible. If you’re going with a true tropical kitchen design ideas, then you’ll definitely want to stick with materials like coconut, wood, bamboo, terracotta, limestone, sand, and bamboo leaves.

Bamboo and Rattan. If you’re looking for tropical kitchen design ideas that match well with a beach house, then these two are what you need. One is made of rattan and the other is made of bamboo. Both are lightweight and easy to manipulate. One is light enough to move around the island while the other is very solid and can’t be moved around.

Considerations for Using Wicker and Wood Furniture

Wicker and Wood. These two are also pretty common elements in a home-interior. However, when combined, they become one big attraction that creates a very relaxing ambience. You can try combining rattan and wood in the form of small tables, chairs, shelves, or chests. If you want a complete change, then you can even paint the walls of your tropical kitchen design ideas using a white or off-white color scheme.

White Ceiling and Stools. When you create a kitchen island, it’s very important to have a white ceiling so that your kitchen will appear more spacious. Aside from making the room look bigger, a white ceiling will also make it easier for you to clean up because there won’t be any dirt or dust on the floor.

Dining Room and Lounge. The dining room and lounge are perfect for a true tropical style. With a large and inviting dining table, you can easily entertain your guests. To complete your tropical kitchen design, you may consider placing a bamboo bar stool in front of the dining table. Bamboo stools look very nice and are quite affordable, so you don’t have to worry about splurging on this item.

Creating Natural Light and Floors

Natural Light and Flooring. Tropical kitchen design ideas usually incorporate lots of natural light, so you need to have lots of exposed ceiling area to allow maximum natural lighting. For best effects, you may consider installing plantation shutters or curtains which are available in different designs and colors. In addition, for an authentic tropical feel, flooring made from tropical hardwoods like mahogany is preferred.

Living Room and Couch. To complete your tropical theme, you should definitely have a tropical living room and couch to match. With a comfortable and tropical sofa and cushions, family and friends can relax and have fun under this warm and inviting interior design idea.

Tropical Style Kitchens. If you want to create the most authentic tropical style kitchen, you should definitely use wicker as your main material for your furniture and accessories. You can use it for your cabinets, tables, walls, floors and roof. Aside from being very durable, wicker comes in a variety of designs and colors, so you have a lot of options to choose from. To complete your tropical style kitchen, you may want to install an outdoor kitchen with an augmented bar and comfortable seating areas.

Giving a Perfect Touch to a Tropical Kitchen

Dining Area and Ceiling. To add that perfect finishing touch to your tropical-style kitchen, you should incorporate a lush tropical-style dining area and a cozy bamboo or teak dining room set on a dark gray colored dining table. You can place an umbrella on the dining table to provide shade during the hot afternoons.

Ceiling and Accent Racks. For your wall decorations, you can have a bamboo or teak screen set on a single, double or triple drop leaf design. The bamboo or teak screen would be accompanied by elegant hardwood floor panels that are printed with island design or the Hapu’s Island pattern. You can use an umbrella to provide shade during the hot afternoons. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.



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