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Creating an Eclectic Home Environment

Ngumpi.com – It’s hard to define an “eclectic” home. It really depends on how you look at it. For some people, any living space can be considered an eclectic home. For others, every area of the house is eclectic. This is a good thing, though. It creates a lot of “woofs” in the design that adds interest and variety.

General Characteristics of an Eclectic Home

The goal of this style is to create balance in form and function. A common characteristic of the eclectic home is a lot of color, texture, and patterns within the same room or area. Each different color and pattern add some depth and a certain texture that just won’t seem to blend together. Some designers might call it eclectic, but it really just depends on the designer’s perspective. For example, a black and white shabby chic French style might call it eclectic, while a bright orange home with gold trim may not.

Color is a key defining characteristic of this style, as well as a host of other smaller aspects. The beauty of this interior design style is that the colors work together. Even when they don’t. An eclectic home will have some central color, such as a dark green in the living room, a soft pink in the bedroom, and a warm orange in the kitchen.

Textures can be anything from subtle to bold. The effect of textures can really pull a room together. An eclectic home will have a lot of textures, such as light and medium paint colors, vibrant flower arrangements, or earth tones. Many designers go for an eclectic decorator approach, mixing and matching textures instead of sticking to one or two. However, the goal is usually to have something that looks cohesive but also flows with the rest of the house.

Best Way to Reach Eclectic Home

Another way to achieve an eclectic home is to use statement objects, which are pieces of art or furniture that are on the extreme ends of the price scale, or expensive compared to other similar objects. For instance, you might have expensive crystal chandeliers in the living room, but have expensive wooden floor-to-ceiling shelves lined along the walls. Textures can be anything from leather to fabric to metal. It all depends on your taste and the purpose of the piece. Some designers might focus on bold statement objects to bring out certain characteristics of the house, while others may use a mixture of statement objects and texture to make a truly eclectic dining room interior design.

The idea of eclectic home decor is to strike a balance between boldness and softness. This balance is achieved using neutral items, such as fabrics and tapestries, with soft textures, such as lace, or a combination of both. Neutral colors might be a natural color, such as off-white, cream, or even cream-and-black. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re creating an eclectic home decor style, you might use bold colors but blend in neutral items, such as textiles and tapestries, in a decorative palette that would make a modern hotel lobby. It doesn’t matter what type of style that you choose to create, as long as you maintain some sort of balance. You don’t want something that is too busy, and you don’t want something that is too soft.

Creating an Eclectic Home Decor Style

Creating an eclectic home decor style is fun because it is not as rigid as some other styles. You can let your imagination go wild and take things in a plethora of different directions. Mix in different eras and different textures, and you get a totally unifying color scheme. Let’s say that you are creating a very modern environment for the dining room. You might want to have a very contemporary style dining table with clean geometric lines, but add some old-world charm with a marble tabletop and some old-fashioned chairs with plush cushions.

The idea of eclectic interiors isn’t as rigid as you may think. It all starts with an idea, a spark of inspiration that is able to grow and morph into a beautifully co-ordinated space. An interior designer should be willing to work with you as you transition from one theme to the next. Even if you do not find the perfect color scheme at the beginning of your project, that does not mean that you have to give up. Keep working with your designer until you are able to envision the perfect scheme, complete with all the different eras and textures that can blend together. You will surely find that you love eclectic interiors!



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