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How to Apply Eyeshadow For Small Eyes

Ngumpi.com – If you’ve got small eyes, the best way to make them look bigger is to apply an eyeshadow that is light and blends into the crease. Then, use a medium shade all over the lid. Avoid using dark lining or the top lid. A dark liner will make the shape of your eyes appear more prominent. Ideally, you should use one color all over the eyelid. It is better to avoid using a very dark liner on small or deep-set eyes.

Use of Light Color Eyeshadow to Make Eyes Look Bigger

To make your eyes appear larger, use a light eyeshadow. Usually, people apply eyeshadow on their lids but sweeping a light shade of it under the lower lash line will give you a contoured look. This will also give the appearance of larger eyes. Regardless of what shade of eyeshadow you choose, be sure to use the same color all over your face. This way, the makeup will stay on your face all day without looking heavy.

Another trick to make your eyes look larger is to use a pencil eyeliner. This can be very effective in making your eyes appear larger. If you don’t want to use a pencil eyeliner, you can also use a flesh-toned pencil. This will allow your eyeshadow to work well under your eyebrow bone. If you don’t like the idea of drawing a thin line in the inner corner, you can try a thick line at the outer corner.

Once you’ve mastered the art of blending, you can try applying dark eye shadow. Not only will it make your eyes look smaller, but it will give them the illusion of being bigger! In addition to dark eyeshadow, you can use eyeliner to emphasize your makeup details. To create a cat-eye effect, you can use a pencil. To make your eyeliner look thicker, you can also apply black or dark brown to the outer corner of your eye.

How to Apply the Right Eyeliner

While applying eyeliner, you should also line the lower lash line with a thin white liner. This will brighten your eyes. You can apply a black eyeliner along the lash line, but you need to apply it above the crease. Then, add a few more strokes with a white or brown liquid eyeliner. Besides, you can add a kohl or a waterproof mascara.

The first step to achieving larger eyes is to use the right shade of eyeshadow for your eyes. You need to keep in mind that small eyes are still beautiful, and the best makeup technique for them is to focus on the lower lid. Using a triangle-shaped sponge tip, apply eyeshadow from the outer corner to the inner corner. Once you’ve completed this, you can use the eyeshadow to accentuate your eyes.

If you have small eyes, you need to use a dark shade of eyeshadow. Darker shades will help your eyes look larger. You can use a darker eyeshadow on the lower lash line. You can also wear a black shade on the top of your eyes. You can apply a light colour to a dark lid and use a dark one on the lower lashline. You can apply both on the upper and lower lashlines.

Best Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

If you have small eyes, the best eye makeup for them is light color kohl pencil. Using a dark color on the upper eyelids will make them appear larger. While it’s important to keep the lower lash line of the eyelid light, a medium-dark shade on the outer third of the eyelid will make the eyes look bigger. The outer corner of the eyelid is where you should concentrate your mascara.

To make your eyes look larger, you should start by using a light shade of eyeshadow on the outer lash line. This will make your eyes look wider. You can also use a dark shade of eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye. In the end, you should choose a shade of eyeshadow that compliments the size of your eyes. You should not try to conceal the lower lash line as this will only make them look smaller.



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