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Creating an Eclectic Family Room

Ngumpi.com – An eclectic family room can be defined as one that features a mixture of decorative and functional items that are different than what is found in most homes. More often than not, it is possible for you to find an eclectic collection of things, from vintage decorations to used CDs to unusual statues. While most of us love antiques, it’s also possible to include modern pieces in your eclectic collection. Just because the collection is eclectic doesn’t mean it has to be boring or without personality. Here are some tips on how to create an eclectic family room

Family Room Eclectic Theme Decoration

Choose Themes You may have an eclectic family room because your parents grew up in a home with an eclectic collection of different decorations. Perhaps you even have some of the items in this collection. If so, incorporate some of their items into your own by selecting a theme or color scheme. To achieve an old-time look, choose browns and greens, or use plaid patterns for floor coverings. For antiques feel, go for items with gold finishes or worn wood.


Get The Right Tableware Although the goal of creating an eclectic space is to bring together various elements, you still need to find the right piece of furniture to complete the look. When choosing a coffee table, choose one that fits well with the decor, such as the woven wicker coffee table or the leather dining table. Keep in mind the size of the room, as you don’t want the coffee table to overpower the room’s dimensions. It should be the perfect complement to the size of the room. When choosing a coffee table, go for a material that will show off the color palette well, such as teak.

Tips for Choosing a Good Color Palette

Choose a Color palette If you want to pull your eclectic family room together, the first step is to decide upon a color palette. A good idea is to match the wall colors to the colors in the coffee table, or to the colors in the room as a whole. Warm colors like red, orange, yellow and orange work best with the earth tones on the walls. Cool colors like blue, green and purple are best used on the walls.

Install the Right Piece of Art This final step is to install the right piece of art to complete the look in your family room. One idea is to purchase a coffee table that features artwork from the genre of the room. Another idea is to find an old antique display case and include that as part of the room’s decor. Or, simply hang a piece of art from the ceiling, like an oil painting or a canvas. The important thing is to make the piece an element of the room’s decor that coordinates with the rest of the decor.

Family Room Vintage Coffee Table Ideas

Keep Light and Flooring Color Use warm colors like reds, oranges and yellows to help set the tone for the room. A dark color, like black, can work well if used sparingly. Neutral tones, like ivory or pale blue, can help blend the eclectic style with the rest of the house. If the flooring is in an eclectic style, choose earth tones instead of bold colors. If the flooring already has bold colors in it, then consider softening them with fabric or cover some of the bare wood with fabric.

Consider Decorating Around a Character This last step involves coming up with a few ideas for furniture and accessories to decorate your family room around. One great idea is to find an antique coffee table that features a focal point that matches the personality of the person who will most likely frequent the room. For instance, if the person loves pirates, they could find a wooden pirate chest displayed prominently in the living room.

Creating an eclectic style can be difficult. It takes patience and some imagination. But the end result will provide a room that has a sense of fun and excitement while conveying a sense of personal style. Remember to plan your decor ahead and don’t be afraid to try something new. If you wish to send your article to roohome, you can check out this page!



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