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Simplicity Of Bohemian Style – Tips To Consider When Planning Your Interiors

Ngumpi.com – A classic favorite in the world of contemporary and eclectic home decorating styles, the rustic, simplistic Bohemian Style is a versatile, ever-changing design that exudes both warmth and whimsy. With its light-weight, hand-knit wool Berber natural Moroccan rug beautifully encapsulating the warmth of traditional Bohemian style, this rustic hand-knotted rug features a grid pattern with beige and grey horizontal lines, beautifully spread over an evenly beaded, peach-colored field. Setting against a brown, beige and off-white backdrop, the hand-embroidered, hand-stitched design draws attention to the chosen contrasting textures… The asymmetrical diagonal, double woven wool and cotton background, along with the cross-hatched, open honey bees, create an open, spacious, casual oasis atmosphere.

Creating Effective and Stylish Simple Designs

Creating simple, effective and stylish designs with natural products like rugs, designers of contemporary and modern interiors have incorporated these ideas into numerous Bohemian-inspired interior design ideas. Combining the modern, eclectic and Bohemian aesthetics, designers have created numerous rustic accessories and decorative elements to compliment their artistic vision. The resulting product – simple, rustic, eclectic and Bohemian interior design ideas – includes pillows, cushions, shakers, chair covers, coffee tables, headboards, wall accents, table runners and throw pillows. Rustic pillows and cushion sets like Pillow Top Cushions and Moroccan Cushion Pillows create simple yet sophisticated accent pillows and cushions for modern and contemporary interiors.

For those who prefer an exotic and unconventional wedding theme, Bohemian and Native American themes would surely go well with the unique interior design ideas. Bohemian interiors may either incorporate southwestern color palettes or incorporate exotic materials like wood, pottery, beadwork, native American masks and handcrafted baskets. A typical Bohemian design theme may have earth tones like rust and coconut. It is definitely a wonderful idea to use rustic southwest decor in your reception and ceremony halls.

A global vibe could also be emphasized in the design style of the contemporary and modern Bohemian interiors. It is a perfect amalgamation of Indian, Spanish, Gothic, Middle Eastern and other cultural backgrounds. A global vibe in a room with exotic furnishings and Native American rugs would add a unique and wonderful ambiance. Simple design ideas and creative use of textures and color combination creates a wonderful impression of a comfortable and homey setting. Such a global vibe could also be utilized in creating a more formal and traditional feel with Bohemian interior design ideas.

Choosing Modern Furniture Colors and Shapes

Colors and shapes of the modern furniture can match the unique colors of pottery or leather pieces used in Bohemian interiors. For instance, reds, oranges and blues can enhance the appearance of the rustic furniture. Similarly, furniture in neutral shades or light colors can provide a very peaceful and relaxing ambience. Different types of patterns like stripes and checks or polka dots can create a more sophisticated atmosphere. The rustic walls and floors can be embellished with Indian artwork including pottery, metal and leather decorative pieces.

A very common Bohemian interior design idea is using art and Native American objects. The use of such items will create a very pleasing and relaxing environment. Common items used by many in a typical Bohemian setting include rustic benches made of wood; ceramic pots and pans; rustic lamps and lanterns; wooden musical instruments; Native American pottery and ceramic tiles; and earth-friendly furniture made from recycled materials.

Exotic Bohemian Design Style

One important thing to remember is that the Bohemian design style is all about simplicity. Many people who follow it are drawn to the exotic but not at all quirky designs and color palettes. It’s all about the natural beauty of things. The goal of the box style is to create an interior that is comfortable, simple and attractive. And this is one of the major attractions of the Bohemian interior design style.

However, one must keep in mind that even though Bohemian interior design ideas are all about simplicity, it still doesn’t mean that interiors should be boring. Even though the design may be simple, it should still have a certain appeal that will make the place look inviting. With a little bit of creativity, you can make your interior’s look more exciting and alive. And it would be better if you hire an interior designer who can provide you with some professional tips on how you can achieve this look. After all, your home is worth it.



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