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Fabulous Bohemian Furniture For Your Home

Ngumpi.com – Bohemian furniture or Bohemian decor isn’t really the opposite of neat, straight line industrial decor. It’s far from the old formal practice of mid-Century. Instead it’s whimsy incarnate. And it’s often associated with eccentric artists or spiritual eccentrics.

The Uniqueness of Bohemian Furniture

But there’s no reason to think Bohemian furniture has to be about eccentric oddities only. In fact some of the most beautiful, unusual, and interesting pieces of furniture can also be quite conventional. Take the famous sofa that you see in old western saloons, the one made of an old saddle with a cactus behind the cushions. Or take the little coffee table with an abstract painted wall on which a couple of birds sketched in pencil rest. These pieces are not, in themselves, a representation of spontaneity, but they do share certain elements of that spirit.

But it’s important to remember that Bohemian furniture shouldn’t be anything like that. And the best place to start looking for it is in the decor of the person who will be getting it. What colors does she love? What moods does she bear in mind when picking out her furniture?

Characteristics of Bohemian Furniture

The thing about Bohemian furniture is that it takes on the appearance and texture of whatever is in your own house. For example, a living room filled with expensive, modern antiques probably wouldn’t go well with a set of primitive tribal art made with sticks. In this way the decor of your house can actually dictate the look and feel of your Bohemian furniture. On the other hand, if you have a lot of open space in your home, you might find that a more earthy look works better. This can be achieved by hanging up simple, rustic rope chairs, canvas or wood tables, and oversized, grassy knick-knacks.

But no matter what your style, there are some basic pieces that every Bohemian furniture collection should have: a couch, a love seat, a love chair, and a love bed. Between these last two items, the couch is the most important. It will function as the main place for your stuff (which may include books, DVDs, or your favorite CD), and it will also act as a couch or sleeper when you’re entertaining guests.

The next piece of Bohemian furniture that you should definitely have been a love sac or a poncho. These are large cotton bags that you place over your head and body to keep yourself warm during cold winter nights. They’re fun, unique, and easy to use–and the best part is that they come in tons of funky designs and colors. You can find them draped over shoulders in classic Bohemian style or curled around your ankles in zebra patterned Bohemian style.

The Most Important Bohemian Furniture

The final, and most important, piece of Bohemian furniture that you should have is a decorative bowl. You can choose between a glass bowl, ceramic bowl, or even a metal bowl. Some people like to go with more natural colors such as red and brown, while others prefer bright, stark colors such as green. Some pieces even have fish or gecko engraved on their bowls. And don’t worry; Bohemian style interiors are completely colorless, so you can match your decor to whatever colors you want!

Other pieces of Bohemian furniture include rugs, pillows, shakers, lamps, mirrors, and accent tables. Many people love Bohemian furniture for its simplicity, unique designs, and affordability. If you’re looking to add a little something in your home that doesn’t necessarily have to fit in with traditional styles, you may want to consider Bohemian furniture. With all of these pieces available in so many beautiful, vibrant hues, there is no reason not to feel like a hippie at the end of the day.



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