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Decorating Your Living Room With Shabby Chic Decor

Ngumpi.com – Shabby chic living rooms are becoming more popular as homeowners seek out ways to decorate their homes affordably. The look is very airy and unpretentious. A more formal living room mixes better with the rest of the home and creates an atmosphere of high style and elegance. A shabby chic living room has an inviting, rustic appeal.

Ideas Shabby Chic Living Room

Shabby chic living rooms are just what they sound like. It s actually very Victorian furniture that has been worn down so much that it looks worn and painted. Let s look at a few ideas for your shabby chic living room first. A vintage coffee table is all the core of your shabby chic living room collection.

You want to create a Victorian feel in your home, so choose your colors and decorating style accordingly. White and off white are the best choices for this look. You can accent your shabby chic style with bold pinks, purples, blues, greens and oranges. Choose fabrics like velvet and brocade for the upholstery, and choose antique pieces like wooden chairs and end tables. Be sure to keep in mind the shabby chic style principles when choosing your furnishings.

Authentic Victorian Shabby Chic Living Room

If you want an authentic shabby chic living room, then use a Victorian style Victorian coffee table with legs, top and sides. An antique limestone lamp with a scalloped trim is another fabulous touch. For the lighting, go with an antiques brass chandelier or a chandelier that is made of wrought iron or crystal. Add shabby chic lamps and chandeliers to complete the interior design.

The shabby chic living room ideas above include a vintage iron sofa. You can find these sofas at most furniture stores and online. If the sofa does not have a back, you will need to purchase a shabby chic living room table with a doorknob holder.

If your shabby chic living room design includes a vintage flower arrangement, then you are all set. There is no need to change the flowers because they will be exactly as they are. However, if you want to add a splash of color and life to the space, use pink flowers. These bright pink flowers can be used in a vase, on the sofa, on the walls or even along the windowsill. The flowers can also be arranged in a small bowl by the side of the sofa.

Shabby Chic Outdoor Living Room Using Wood

For an outdoor shabby chic living room, you will want to use natural wood furnishings like a large wooden rocking chair and tables with clean white paint. The best colors for natural wood are light brown and off white. If the natural wood is stained, then it can easily be matched with the other items in your shabby chic living room design.

If you find that your space lacks a focal point, then you may want to add a cottage style mirror. A cottage-style mirror is usually made of metal and it sits on a metal frame. Because the metal frame is so plain, the mirror has no accent to speak of. It adds a touch of elegance to any home. You can find shabby chic mirrors in any type of metal and in any size – from a small rectangular mirror to a large double size mirror.

Beautiful Living Room Decoration Tips

Another way to add the shabby chic appeal to your living room is to dress up your sofa with matching shabby chic curtains. A simple way to dress up your sofa is to place a shabby chic fabric with a floral design on the cushions. You could also try shabby chic curtains in solid or striped fabrics. These curtains match well with throw pillows and cushions that feature basic floral designs or other embellishments. Because shabby chic curtains are usually made of lace, it is easy to find coordinating cushions for your shabby chic living room sofa. There are a variety of cushions available in all shapes, sizes, and colors to complete your shabby chic look.

You can add a splash of color with shabby chic lamps. Shabby chic lamps come in all shades of white, lavender, pink, and light blue. You can find lamps in natural wood such as oak, pine, cherry, maple, or birch. If you have an old or rusted lamp that you want to bring to life, simply paint it a light-colored, flicker paint to bring out the rustic charm. Lamps with natural wood designs can also be found in painted finishes in vibrant colors such as red, green, yellow, and orange.

Adding just one touch of elegance to your home can boost your shabby chic decorating style into overdrive. The focal point of any room needs to be the focal point – and nothing says “focal point” like a French Country coffee table with coordinating distressed woods or a distressed leather sofa. Or go for the shabby chic decor effect with an ornate antique table and matching chairs. The beauty of shabby chic decor is that it gives you so many options for embellishing your room. It takes a bit of imagination and a few carefully chosen accessories to create the ideal space for your style.



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