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Vintage Furniture – Comfort and Charm in Your Living Room

Ngumpi.com – There are some really fun things you can do in your vintage or old-fashioned style home to liven up the living room. If you have an old hearth and a few antiques, that’s plenty to start with. But it doesn’t stop there. Your living room can be jazzed up with vintage touches to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Here are a few vintage touches that will jazz up your home.

Stone Fireplaces are Vintage Living Room ideas

For a vintage family room, stone fireplaces are a nice idea. They add warmth, a nice glow and the visual focal point of the room. Natural stone floors are also a nice choice for a vintage living room. You can make things cozier by putting down a small, shag-style rug on the hardwood floor in the living room and adding antique or period furniture with striped-colored upholstering.

Antique reproductions are also a very popular option for your vintage family room, as well as bold, contemporary looks. Pick up some bold pieces like an Ottoman or an armoire, then finish with a bright color or two in bold, vibrant hues like reds and oranges. For the walls, try painting one wall in a bold, bright hue and the other in a vintage expression, such as hunter green. The reproduction or vintage expression wall will provide a fantastic focal point that gives life to the whole room. Try painting one wall in a deep, rich brown, and then another in a light, blue hue.

Vintage Expression Living Room with Beautiful Rug

Accent your vintage expression family room with a beautiful rug. It can be an antique rug, if you don’t mind having it be an accent piece. It can be made from wool, velvet, or cotton. If you want a more earthy feel, choose a rug that is cut in the style of an old-fashioned school desk or shabby chic. You can find rugs in just about any color you want, including pastel shades, and you can even find them with animal print or polka dot designs.

Use vintage and earthy feel interior designs to break up the space and add texture. A vintage expression style rug can do this quite effectively. Pair one with an iron chair in one of those earthy colors (such as beige or gray) and place several pillows in funky shapes across the front of the couch. You’ll have a fun and stylish focal point, complete with inviting textures and lots of vibrant hues.

Add lots of antiques and period features in your vintage family room, such as old pictures, knickknacks, and knick-knacks. This adds something extra to the space, as well as giving your family something to look forward to when they come for a visit. Antique fabrics in shades of gray, beige, brown, and gold are particularly popular right now, as well as Terra cotta tile murals and old world distressed wood. The distressed look adds old-world charm and a little mystery to your living room interior designs, and it’s something that kids love to look at.

Tips for Choosing Colors and Living Room Furniture

Fill your family room with inviting patterns. The great thing about bold and vibrant hues is that they work well together to create warmth and a sense of space. For a reading nook, choose warm and inviting solid wood pieces, such as end tables made of solid oak or pine. You can pair those with a beautiful tablecloth made of woven fabric in one of those vivid hues. For a book that’s not so large, you can add one or two chairs with coordinating tables and coffee tables in softer colors. Add some area rugs and accent rugs in soft pastels and softer, more subdued hues to break up the large area and give it a subtle texture.

For the vintage family room look, I use some fabric art Deco lamp shades made with momcro paper and bamboo shade. I have them framed with an antique magnifying glass and they look wonderful. I love to sit in the living room with my guests and watch them come in and out. They light up the room so nicely and give it a warm ambiance.

If you’re thinking about redecorating, try to stay vintage even if you make a few changes. It will give you a more comfortable and familiar feeling. This is what is most important. It’s about bringing back the feel of the past.



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