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Interior Design Ideas For Mid Century Modern Dining Rooms

Ngumpi.com – A mid-century modern dining room is one that offers the best of the more colorful arts and incorporates many of the wonderful benefits of a modular furniture set. This type of dining room design comes complete with a console table, coffee table, five-piece China cabinet with matching low center console table, and two side tables. The console table is designed with a leaf for storage. This piece of furniture is the centerpiece to this type of design.

The Virtues of The Coffee Table in The Dining Room

The coffee table is also made of wood and can be seen as the central piece of furniture in this mid-century modern dining room. In this particular design the edge of this piece of furniture is rounded rather than a flat-finished surface. This flat surface allows the table to appear to have the three dimensional qualities when it is placed in front of a person’s eyes. Also this piece of furniture comes complete with an additional storage compartments for the center console table. This storage compartment can be used to store various types of decorative dishes and flatware items.

The other main piece of furniture in this mid-century modern dining room design is the five-piece China cabinet which measures forty-six inches across. This piece of furniture includes a top piece, an over-seamless base, five small glass dishes, crystal stemware, and three small mirrors. This item of decor is available in either white or cream fabrics. It also measures roughly forty-two inches across.

Beautiful Dining Room Decoration Style

Another important element of this style of dining room decor is found with the beautiful round glass top table. This piece of furniture measures thirty-two inches across and can either be oval or rectangular in shape. It is also commonly stained in its entirety in a variety of colors. The chairs that sit atop of this table can be either metal or wood. Each of the chairs has an accent, usually a floral design, that goes along with the pattern on its upholstery. Some chairs even feature elaborate armrests made of wood.

Mid-century modern design also includes another popular element to the dining room furniture collection. This furniture style features a geometric pattern. This style generally consists of a rectangular table top that has two to three curved legs that end in decorative spindles. These legs can be curved, however, in a variety of different ways. In addition to the decorative spindles, this geometric piece of furniture is designed with rounded corners.

The main item found in this type of mid-century modern design dining area is the centerpiece, which is normally a small table with a very tall and decorative crystal chandelier. However, in this particular design, the chandelier is not quite as prominent. Instead, the chandelier is usually placed in the mid-section of the dining area. This allows for the crystal to be free of the focal point, but still adds a sense of design to the entire dining area.

Modern Mid Century Dining Room Wall Art

Since the mid-century modern design looks so much like classical interior design, many people opt to incorporate wall art into their dining room decor. A lot of people choose to add an abstract piece of art onto one of the walls in the room. Others prefer to place larger paintings on the wall in order to visually expand the size of the room. Whatever you decide to do, however, keep in mind that your aim is to create a space that makes the most use of the available space.

Because mid-century modern homes typically have a lot of wooden elements, it is recommended that you choose pieces of furniture that are made of solid wood. This way, you will be able to further increase the wooden elements in the room. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, solid wood pieces will prove to be a more durable option. If you are looking for a way to add color and warmth to the room, however, you may want to consider choosing some redecorating elements. By using bold and bright colors, you can easily make the room feel much more alive and connected to its history. We are happy to receive guest post submission from you.



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