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Small Mid Century Modern Bathroom Vanities

Ngumpi.com – If you want to add chic, beauty and convenience to your small bathroom, then settle for small mid-century modern bathroom furniture. It will add charm and flair to your home. Smaller furniture pieces will make your bathroom look spacious and airy. A corner bath tub or small walk-in shower are the perfect addition. Check out these lovely and affordable pieces in our store.

Mid Century Modern Bathroom Furniture With Vanity

Mid-century modern bathroom furniture has the ability to bring elegance and beauty to your small mid-century modern bathroom. You can choose a vanity unit with vanity top or a small pedestal sink. A small walk-in shower with no shower door is also a good choice, since it saves space in your bathroom.

Varying between two and three sinks is the common type of vanity unit. Some of them have built-in double vanity lights, while others come with one-piece vanity lighting kits. There are also vanity lights that fit into a powder room. These powder room lights are usually recessed lights that give your bathroom a very classic and elegant look.

If you want a more contemporary small mid-century modern bathroom, choose a single vessel sink with a double vanity top and frosted or stained glass trim. The best part about a single vessel sink is that it is very stylish and elegant. You can opt for a white porcelain shade or a shade painted with colors to suit your taste. If you like a lighter touch of color in your bathroom, go for a white porcelain shade with beige accents and bold accents. This gives your bathroom a very open, casual and light feel.

Ideal Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

If you like to play with bold color, you may consider adding a mid-century three light vanity to your small bathroom. Such a bathroom lighting fixture is an ideal choice if you like the funky vintage styles popular in the 1950s. They usually come with a high-hanging lampshade as well as chrome hardware on the hardware itself.

If you are going for a more contemporary look in your small bathroom, you might want to consider installing a small powder room mirror. A good powder room mirror should be at least 16 inches in length. Some of the newer ones that you can buy today actually have a height adjustable feature so you can set it at a height that is comfortable for you. With a polished nickel finish, you get a modern finish that is both contemporary and traditional at the same time. This makes a perfect choice for your small mid-century modern bathroom.

To add some more style to your small bathroom, you might want to install a light wall mounted bath vanity. This is a great way to highlight the beautiful details of your tub or shower without overdoing it. You can install a light wall mounted vanity in either a matte finish or an oil rubbed bronze finish. You can add some beautiful accent pieces such as a brushed nickel cabinet and mirror. A light wall mounted bath vanity is just the right size for any small bathroom.

Adding Small Touches of Small Bathroom Elegance

Adding some small touches of elegance to your small bathroom can really make it stand out. A unique touch like a small mid-century modern bathroom vanity will add a great deal of style to your small bathroom. A light wall cabinet with a polished nickel finish is also a great addition for a small bathroom. Make your small bathroom beautiful with elegance.

A light fixture such as a hanging light or a small desk lamp with a brushed nickel finish can add a nice touch to your vanity. In particular, hanging from a light fixture under your basin can add a nice glow to the room. Try adding a small wall sconce above your sink to add a nice touch of natural light. Make your small bathroom look inviting by using these different light fixtures.

Small Bathroom Vanity Design with Mirror

While the overall design of your new small bathroom vanity will be determined by the space available, you can choose a unique piece to set your small bathroom apart from the rest of your home. Unique pieces such as a modern chrome faucet with a small elegant mirror are an excellent choice for a small bathroom vanity. With so many different options for a small bathroom vanity, you are sure to find just the right one to complete your small mid-century modern bathroom design.

Don’t forget to consider the style of your flooring when choosing a bathroom vanity. Bathroom floors in general, and small bathroom vanities in particular, can often make or break the overall design of your bathroom. Choosing a beautiful dark wood or stone floor can completely transform the look of your bathroom. You can even use a rug under your small bathroom vanity to make a small area appear larger and give your bathroom a unique look.



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