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Girl’s Room Paint Color Ideas – Paint Your Little Girl a Princess on Her Bedroom Floor

Ngumpi.com – A small pink bedroom is perfect for girls who want to add a little fun to their room. The bright pink color and the small pink bedroom dresser lend a very sweet look to the room. Pearly pink and big colorful pink bedroom decorated by using pearly white accent wall paper looks quite inviting.

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Teenage Small Bedroom Paint Ideas When decorating a small bedroom, it is best to use light colors and do not over do it. Dark colors usually make the room look much larger than they really are. To get a better feel for the design of a small pink bedroom, try going to an interior design store. You will be able to take home some actual examples to color in the walls and flooring with.

Color Schemes For a small pink bedroom you will want to keep your walls fairly neutral so you can add your accents around. A little creativity can really add character to your walls and create color schemes that are fun and unique. Try making some art with your colored pencils or crayons. There are lots of wallpaper and border color schemes to choose from.

Pink Jewelry Boxes Small pink storage solutions should have plenty of hanging space. You should be able to make plenty of heads or neck openings through the use of these hanging storage fixtures. If you are a bit of an introvert then you may want to keep your jewelry boxes on the far ends of the room. By having plenty of open areas in your bedroom you will be able to walk around easily and find your favorite dresser, your shoes, your hair dryer and more.

Colors for Teen Bedroom Decorations

Wall Paint Colors When it comes to teenage bedroom decorating this one is pretty simple. The paint is going to be pretty neutral so you don’t have to worry about matching the paint to the wall. However you do want to pick a color that will complement your walls. For a small bedroom the paint should be warm and not be too dark. You should have plenty of eye appeal but not over the top.

Colors You can make your small pink bedroom paint any color you choose, just be sure to get plenty of contrasting shades as well. You don’t want to end up painting a pink bedroom with two different shades of the same color. Remember you can always touch up or repaint the room later on. With many of the wall colors out there, you can mix and match several to get just the right look.

Pink Accessories Furniture Ideas

Pink Furniture Ideas Most pink furniture is going to lean toward the feminine so make sure you don’t end up buying masculine furniture pieces. Lots of boys’ and wooden furniture goes into boys’ bedrooms and plenty of feminine pieces go into girls’ bedrooms. Find some soft, colorful rugs or blankets to use as accent pieces to round out your small pink bedroom paint color scheme.

Low pile rugs If you have enough space, you can use a low pile rug in your small pink bedroom. Low pile rugs go great in most girls’ bedrooms because they are soft and give off the feeling of safety and warmth. Also since they tend to be darker in color, they go well to help slim the room and add depth. Find some low pile rugs that go from light cream to dark chocolate and for the boys, find some with a little blue or green for a little girl’s room.



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