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Making the Best Contemporary Bathroom Design

Ngumpi.com – When it comes to designing a contemporary bathroom you need to take into account not only the design but also the functionality. Functionality is key when it comes to designing any bathroom. If you do not want to redesign the whole bathroom, but simply want to change a couple of things that you find unappealing then it might be more cost effective to just do it one aspect at a time. You can do everything from the shower door, to the flooring to the faucets and everything in between by simply doing a quick bathroom update.

Contemporary Bathroom Style

Contemporary bathroom style is sleek and minimal. In a contemporary bathroom you typically want to get a sleek, minimal look. The last thing that you need are crannies and nooks that you need to constantly clean such as were often put in old fashioned contemporary bathroom styles. To get started with your contemporary bathroom design, you will want to consider the bathtub or shower tub that you currently have.

For many this will be a practical decision as changing over to a contemporary bathroom can be costly. However, one of the key features of this design style is that it creates a streamlined and sleek appearance. This is important because it makes the room appear less cluttered than older styles. Therefore, changing your existing bathtub can actually be an easy and cheap way to update the look of the entire room.

Considerations in Choosing Colors

Another important factor to consider is the color scheme. Many contemporary bathrooms use monochromatic colors. This is a great idea because it is a simple and easy way to upgrade the look of the room without spending a lot of money. With a monochromatic color scheme of the walls, flooring and fixtures all have the same color. Therefore, you will have a uniform and sleek look throughout the bathroom.

A contemporary bathroom features a number of different finishes. These finishes include distressed wood, marble, granite and porcelain finishes. Regardless of the finish you choose for your contemporary bathroom, you will be able to easily coordinate the color scheme within the room. You may even be able to choose a color that compliments the color scheme of the tiles you have chosen for the flooring, shower wall and tub.

Simple Contemporary Bathroom Design

Contemporary bathrooms are known for their simplicity and clean lines. Therefore, when you choose contemporary bathroom furniture you will want to try and select pieces that have a simple geometric design. Some of the most popular pieces that feature clean lines and a simple design include mirrors, cabinets, shower doors and chrome cabinet handles. The reason why this style of bathroom is so popular is because it gives the bathroom an open and uncluttered look. Because the bathroom is so spacious, many homeowners are looking for ways to utilize the space in the most efficient way possible.

When it comes to shower enclosures, contemporary bathrooms are very unique because they have no overhang. This makes the shower enclosure closer to the floor and allows more room in the shower itself. Another contemporary bathroom feature that gives the room an open and uncluttered look is the color white. Most contemporary bathrooms use white paint on the walls in the shower area and chrome handles and cabinet pulls. You may also want to consider using white towels and shower curtains. These simple touches add a contemporary touch to any bathroom.

Although contemporary bathroom design may seem to be very modern, the fixtures that are used in this design to make use of traditional elements. In addition to using contemporary bathroom furniture, the shower door and hardware also take advantage of traditional elements. In some cases, contemporary bathrooms will use traditional glass shower doors and chrome faucets. Furthermore, a contemporary bathroom design will often make use of natural materials like copper and marble. The shower itself will feature a combination of chrome and brushed nickel shower doors.



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