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Victorian Basement Renovation Tips

Ngumpi.com – Adding a Victorian style exercise room to your home will surely add luxury and charm. But beware; this is one of those projects that requires professional assistance. The great thing about a vintage Victorian basement renovation is that you can do it on your own or with the help of family and friends who share an interest in this type of design. But if you think you are capable of undertaking this kind of project then go right ahead.

Elegant Victorian Renovation

Before beginning any serious Victorian basement renovation project, make sure that you have enough budget for it. Remember that this basement room is going to be your personal exercise room so spending more than what is needed just to get it done is not a wise decision at all. In addition to the budget, you also have to consider the materials that will be used for the entire renovation. You have to choose the right stuffs because the Victorian style renovation is all about elegant and tasteful details.

To start with, you should start with replacing the old Victorian basement flooring with new hardwood flooring. The best option would be to use solid hardwoods to complement the over-all design of the room. You can easily find many affordable pieces by doing online research. Keep in mind to choose pieces that blend perfectly with the over-all design of your old Victorian basement room.

Product Specification Victorian Style Basement Renovation

Once you have replaced the flooring, it is time to consider other elements like the large window that can be found in vintage Victorian basement renovation project. The large window should be decorated properly so as to give the impression of a large open space. This is where you can use your imagination when it comes to decorating your exercise room. You can add a few vintage decors or you can even paint the large window in a lovely shade that will be appropriate to the over-all design of the room.

Another important area to decorate in your old Victorian house is the craft room. Most people do not really consider this part of their house when they are renovating but it actually serves two purposes. First of all, the craft room can serve as a wonderful workstation for your kids. When they want to make something, they need to use the craft room. Therefore, it is very important to add things like a craft table, several drawers, shelves, or a computer to make the work station as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Adding Beautiful and Useful Furniture

Also, the vintage Victorian house has these perfect storage spaces. You can add beautiful bookshelves, cabinets, and other great additions to your craft room to make it look more beautiful and useful. In addition, your craft room can also serve as an extra storage room for your children’s art materials. This way, your kids will have a dedicated area where they can store their homemade works of art without disturbing your antique pieces. As an added bonus, the vintage Victorian house has many other extra storage spaces such as the breakfast nook, the reading nook, and the game room that you can add on with your vintage Victorian basement renovation.

Another place that can be considered as an important but hidden part of your house is your kitchen. If you want to make your basement a food preparation area, you can add an island with a grill. It will be great to have this island in the middle of the room where you can cook your food without having to go back and forth to the dining room. It will also be convenient for you if you want to host parties and have people over to watch TV. Having the TV and the grill in the same place will make things so much easier for you and your guests.

The final room to decorate in your Victorian basement renovation is the bedroom. This is probably the most ignored room in the house but it should also be the most decorated. The bedroom is a place for you to relax after a hard day’s work or a place for your family to enjoy quality time together. You can add a bed, some comfortable bedding, a set of dressers, a chest of drawers, and a bookcase to your bedroom and transform it into a beautiful room that everyone will surely love.



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