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Industrial Bathroom Designs That Simply Stunning

When it comes to home renovations, industrial bathroom design isn’t often heard of. Why? Because most homeowners assume that an industrial bathroom belongs only to industrial needs such as sanitizing hazardous chemicals. But industrial bathroom design is more about embracing vintage style to make a minimalist yet stylish look that is equal parts bold and elegant. From exposed brick to ornate concrete countertops, these chic bathrooms get the industrial look just right. They are functional, yet also provide a style feel that is pleasing to the eye.

Make an Industrial Bathroom Look Unique

One look at an industrial bathroom and you’ll see why it’s so unique. Without the shiny chrome and shiny metal finishes, the room is starkly functional, even if the focus is on practicality. With an abundance of tile choices (over half of the shower is ceramic, with the remainder porcelain or stainless steel), the industrial bathroom is the place to be for any budget. If you really want a functional bathroom, however, don’t skimp on the details.

Functional industrial bathroom features concrete floors with a white or gray shag in the shower area. A white vinyl mirror with chrome brackets on the top helps create an industrial aesthetic, but it works equally well in a modern or contemporary environment. The mirrors add a worn look to the room that reminds one of old barns or industrial facilities. Chrome wall mounted or wire hangers on the walls give the industrial bathroom a storage space feel. Mirrors with a black metal frame are another essential.

Choosing a Sink With a Rectangular Shape

In an industrial bathroom, the sink usually sits against a wall and there are no shower stalls, so you’re going to want to choose a sink with low, rectangular profile. Stainless steel is the best choice for longevity and durability. Glass is also a great option, since it’s clear and won’t mar the sleek, modern look. A drain and soap dish with chrome faucets and a two-handle adjustable spray is standard in an industrial sink.

Lighting in an industrial bathroom should be minimal, and wall fixtures should be flush against the wall. Since bathrooms are typically dark, using harsh lighting is part of the concept. This idea carries over to the choice of flooring, too, since tiles are typically black or dark brown and never painted or stained. Natural light is essential to the concept, so natural light fixtures should be flush against the wall, with at least one fluorescent bulb or a lamp on each floor.

Consider Using Large Tiles In The Bathroom

The concept is about space, and the use of large tiles in the bathroom gives the industrial space a cozier, homey feel. The use of glazed stone or ceramic tile also adds a rustic atmosphere. One reason that unglazed tile is so often used in industrial spaces is because it is so easy to clean and repair. The glaze of unglazed tiles is simply wiped off with a wet cloth. When a tile is scratched, however, it’s best to replace the entire tile so it doesn’t get damaged further.

Other design elements that go into a bathroom designed like this one include wood framed mirrors, dark woods that contrast with the light coming in through exposed ducts, and open shelving with a counter top in the middle of the room. Chrome faucets and exposed plumbing add another layer of design elements for the walls and floors. The plumbing is usually exposed if the bathroom is being designed with an exposed duct work. The result is that the industrial aesthetic can include elements of both vintage industrial designs and contemporary design.

These bathroom ideas are simple, yet effective. Instead of going for large, heavy tiles, you can go for simple, lighter tiles like unpainted, unpolished wood, and exposed ceramic tile. There are plenty of choices out there, and all the tiles are easily cleaned. This simple approach allows you to create something that’s simply stunning. Take some time with your bathroom design, then look around online for more ideas.



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