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An Attractive Look Bohemian Bathroom Design

Ngumpi.com – Looking to get a little more Bohemian in your life? Are you tired of looking at the same old boring bathroom that everyone seems to enjoy? Don’t worry, it’s actually very easy to spice up your space! This article contains eight different Bohemian bathroom design ideas for you to consider. Whether you are thinking about incorporating a fresh color scheme or incorporating a fun geometric shape, there is certainly something Bohemian that you can do to update your bathroom space. Here they are.

Tips for Finding Unique Bohemian Bathroom Designs

If you ask us, our bathroom-going clients would definitely say that this oftentimes utilized space could be the perfect location to finally give the Bohemian vibe a shot. Searching for unique, chic Bohemian bathroom decor to inspire your next bathroom remodel? Scroll down for eight fabulous spaces that can do just that.

If you want to create an outdoor haven on your patio or deck, why not incorporate plants into your Bohemian bathroom decor? A great place to start is by using small plants that are either wildflower prints, dyed brightly colored, or ones with unusual shapes and sizes. You can then weave them into the edging around a large mirror or wall piece. For an extra bold, vintage touch, you can put up flowers or vines from your garden or other deciduous plants. This type of floral print or wreath can also be accented with dried flowers.

Choose a Bold Color for the Wall

Did you know that by putting bold colors and shapes along the wall and floor, you can bring the Bohemian bathroom to life? Try painting the wall tile a deep, dark color that is reminiscent of forest and berry. There are many different shades to choose from, so you can mix and match until you find one that suits your tastes and style. Another idea is to find bold floor coverings in striking shades, such as reds, pinks, or greens. Adding a bold, bright rug or area rug is a great way to pull the room together.

What about the decor in your kitchen and bathrooms? There are some lovely things you can do with your Bohemian bathroom design to bring your home to life. First, try to use as many different kinds of plants and accents as possible. Large floor plants in teal or burnt orange will make a striking accent against a light colored wall, while coordinating small pots filled with ferns, herbs, and bamboo greens on a table will give a warm and inviting feel to any bathroom or kitchen. You can even find great selections in potted houseplants in bold colors that you can easily integrate into your existing decor.

Make a Bohemian Bathroom Look Attractive

One place to really play up the “Bohemian” style in your bathroom is with towels and accent pieces in interesting shades and textures. A pair of authentic handmade sofas made of black wool with beautiful floral motifs on the side would be an interesting centerpiece for a vanity in a Bohemian style bathroom. Vintage iron and clawfoot tub with old-fashioned taps would be a delightful bathroom centerpiece. Pair a bold piece of stained glass or metal with a pair of teal floor tiles in a complementary color and shape to add interest to the walls. The addition of old bottles of vintage perfume or Cologne in a similar color and shape to the wall decorations would be a truly unique and sophisticated touch.

Of course, the most important element of Bohemian design is the architecture itself. A modern washroom should have clean lines and lots of natural light. In a Bohemian bathroom, the walls, floors, and shower/toilet combination should be made of wood, stone, or tile – ideally matching the surrounding rustic decor of your home. Chrome faucets and a contemporary chrome toilet are also very stylish and can blend well with the rest of the fittings. Glass panels for both the walls and shower/toilet combo should be made from the same material as the tiles, and the mirror or hanging display should be made of the same material and/or in the same style as the rest of the washroom.

Flooring: Nothing works better than a large circular mirror that has been affixed to a metal rack. This creates an optical illusion that causes the viewer to assume that the circular space is a full size mirror. Large floor mirrors are a must in any Bohemian washroom. They should be made of heavy brass or very dark and polished copper. You can accent the rest of the room with a row of high quality mosaic tile in a variety of colors.



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