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Hollywood Glam Kitchen Design

Ngumpi.com – The Hollywood Glam Kitchen of today is a far cry from the simple Hollywood kitchens of the past. These days, the options available for designing and constructing the Hollywood glam kitchen are vast. You can choose to construct your own dream kitchen, or have one designed specifically for you. Either way, there are many ways in which your Hollywood glam kitchen can be transformed to make it your own.

Hollywood Glam Kitchen Furniture

An example of a mid-century Hollywood Glam Kitchen is one that features an island-style table in the middle of the kitchen. On this island you can sit while cooking meals, as well as displaying collections of crystal and glassware. Your Hollywood Glam kitchen may also contain a breakfast bar with booth-style seating. If your room is large enough, you might even want to decorate it with an L-shaped dining room table so that friends can sit at different sides of the table while you cook.

Another way in which you can transform your Hollywood glam kitchen is by using a black matte finish on your appliances. Many types of appliances are available in matte black, including flat-fronted glass washers, black gas stoves, and stainless steel appliances. For a truly dramatic look, you can also choose appliances with red highlights and black details. Using black matte black in your kitchen will give it a sophisticated look, perfect for a romantic meal with your significant other.

Hollywood Glamor Kitchen Design is More Elegant

A key element of any Hollywood glam kitchen design is the use of black matte flat-fronted glassware, along with metal appliances in a black matte finish. Black appliances and flat-fronted glassware are ideal because they draw attention to the beauty of your glassware, rather than the contents. Because black matte glassware tends to be thinner than its colored counterparts, it will save you space in your refrigerator and allow you to display your fine China more elegantly.

The second thing that you will need to focus on in your Hollywood glam kitchen design is the lighting in your kitchen. This can have an impact on how well you can create an atmosphere that expresses your style. In our examples, black floor lamps were used, as they provide a beautiful contrast to the black matte flat-fronted glassware. Another option is white or cream wall art, which can also provide a nice touch of glam. However, if you really feel like using black lighting in your kitchen, then go for it!

Best Kitchen Design Black and Red Accessories

When working on your Hollywood glam kitchen design, it’s important to remember that the biggest element is the lighting in the dining room area. To create this dramatic effect, you can use dramatic black and white prints on your walls, along with red posters of your favorite movies. Finish off your decor with black and red accessories, such as candelabras and a black and red gingham tablecloth.

Dining in the Hollywood glam kitchen design is also about combining form and function. To achieve this look, you should place silverware, dishes, and silverware racks against a dark blue or cream background. You can really feel like serving meals in an elegant restaurant. Add a chrome bar set and you will definitely feel like being served by a star.

As mentioned above, this design is really all about functionality. This means that you need to include cabinets in your design, such as one that has three or four drawers for storage. The other option is to go with a pedestal sink that is made from glass. Either way, you should ensure that there are plenty of storage options for dishes and silverware. You could even go a little further and get a refrigerator with a lazy Susan – it will be a great addition to your kitchen and will give you that late night convenience!



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