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Small Vintage Living Room Design Ideas

Ngumpi.com –┬áThe small vintage living room is becoming one of the hottest design trends. Look no further than celebrity homes like that of Paris Hilton to witness the effect. Smaller houses can also be decorated in a similar fashion to give the illusion of a larger, more spacious living area. Here are some small living room design ideas to get you started.

Creating a Comfortable Living Room

If you want a cozy living room, consider your small vintage living room as that of the celebrity fans. One of the major concerns of her fans has been the small cozy living room. One popular way to make that room feel larger is to brighten the room with dramatic color schemes and to decorate with large floor-to-ceiling windows. This can be accomplished by hanging large, chandelier chandeliers, or by using large picture windows on all sides of the small cozy living room. Some other small-town charm can be added by using an oversize Chesterfield Ottoman to prop up a few chairs.

If you live in a smaller house but want a cozy livable space, then one of the most popular decorating ideas for this space is to create a modern design with contemporary touches. Look at small vintage living room decorating ideas such as putting in a TV or a L.E.D. screen on the wall to add dimension to your small space living room design.

The Right Color for a Modern Living Room

Modern living rooms can feel bolder by using unusual colors and unusual textures. Color is always going to be important in smaller living rooms. You can use warm pastel hues like soft pink, soft lime green, and natural browns in neutral tones for the walls. For the flooring, you can choose tiles in bold colors like reds, blues, and greens in pastel hues. To complete the look of your space, you might want to throw in some bright flowers or art prints. In the kitchen, small vintage space furniture pieces with modern appliances can be put in place to give a bright modern feel to your room.

Another popular small room idea for the small living room is to create an outdoor space. This can be done by enclosing a small section of the yard in a decorative area rug. Add some flowering plants or a few potted plants in baskets on the deck. Or, consider hanging an outdoor ceiling fan in a tree-shaded section of the yard. Or, use baskets to display your favorite souvenirs. For more options, shop online for a wide selection of area rugs and other modern accessories.

Another way to get funky small vintage living room ideas is to dress up a sofa with an interesting fabric or print. Add an interesting piece of art that you’ve painted or framed. Purchase a teakettle from your local crafts shop and put it in the living room to provide a relaxing area for friends and family to gather. Or, you could choose to adorn a couch with a wool rug made from eco-friendly material and add a plant to the vicinity. The possibilities are endless.

Small Vintage Living Room Features

Small vintage living room features don’t have to be limited to just one space. You may want to create a cozy reading corner so you and your friends can enjoy the fresh air without having to leave your cozy seating. Consider a vintage bookcase to store your favorite titles or an Ottoman for extra comfort. Create your own entertainment center by adding a vase and some candles.

Small vintage living room design ideas can help you turn a small space into a cozy retreat. Create a warm ambiance with vintage lamps and candles, create an informal reading area, or create your own unique entertainment center. With a little imagination, you can turn your favorite little retreat into something special. With some imagination, you can transform your living room into a place of serenity, comfort and creativity.



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