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Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Small Industrial Bathrooms

Ngumpi.com – If you’re thinking about renovating your small bathroom, look no further! These tips will help you design small bathrooms with style. With a small budget and limited space, the renovation of your small bathroom should be as simple as possible. Don’t waste time with ugly and retro small bathroom ideas – use this guide to small bathroom design ideas that can be made stylish with your limited space and creativity.

Create a Stylish and Modern Look for the Bathroom

Create a stylish and modern look for small bathrooms with rustic, distressed and unfinished wood cabinets. There are many rustic wood colors you can choose from. If you want your bathroom cabinets to have more of an antique appearance, stain the unfinished wood with mineral or rustic paint. For a modern and simplistic design, stain your cabinets a light-colored wood that is similar to birch or oak. With a small industrial bathroom storage cabinet, you can still get that stylish appearance you desire.

Adding a light fixture can give your small industrial bathroom design a more spacious and natural feel. Instead of a bulky subway tile light fixture, choose a recessed tube light fixture. The light fixture will serve as the main source of natural lighting in the bathroom while also creating an accent. Tube lights are also more efficient to use because you don’t have to use as much electricity and they are easier to install. Instead of a wall mounted shower curtain, opt for a small shower rod with a hand held shower head. You can find these rods at home depots and stores that sell home accessories.

Choosing the Right White Cabinet

Instead of using a standard white or painted wooden cabinet, go for a rustic and natural looking cabinet with high quality hardware. Look for wood that is similar to pine or cedar. This type of wood gives your bathroom a warm and inviting look. A rustic looking cabinet with natural hardware will be a conversation starter and can go well with any modern decorating theme. Consider installing a wall mounted sink to compliment the wood cabinet and create an area that showcases your artistic sensibilities.

Small bathrooms can benefit from the installation of vanities instead of large cabinets. Vanities come in a variety of sizes and designs that allow you to customize your bathroom’s look. If you have a small space, consider purchasing a corner vanity or a slim line vanity. You can choose vanities without doors or if you prefer, you can have the doors open on all sides. Your bathroom vanities will offer you the storage space you need to store personal items and will match your decorating choices.

If you do not have room for installing a vanity, you can still incorporate the sink and small cabinet. Install a small cabinet over top of your sink or place it beside it on the wall. A wall mounted sink is ideal because it offers a clean appearance. However, if you are short on space, you can utilize a small vanity. A stainless steel sink is a great choice because it will give your bathroom cabinet a classic look.

Using Classic Tile Colors

When selecting a tile color, you may want to go with a classic white or even black. The use of red or orange tiles is also a great choice in a small industrial or small bathroom design. If you are not into bold colors, consider selecting any color of the rainbow and then accentuate it with some clever window coverings.

One finishing touch that will complete your small industrial or small bathroom design is the addition of exposed brick walls. Brick walls are perfect for insulating your home and add a rustic appeal. An exposed brick wall will give your bathroom an industrial feel. There are endless design ideas when you use these tips. Keep in mind that you can choose the finish that works best for you; however, you should stay away from painting as it may damage your walls. We really appreciate and welcome guest post submissions from you.



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