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How to Transform a Dank Small Room Into a Fabulous Room With These Smart Tips

Ngumpi.com – When you are decorating your small white study room, the first thing you need to do is to go over your options thoroughly. After all, this is where you will spend quite a bit of time, so it would really be unprofessional if something were to go wrong. In addition, a mistake in decorating could make your study a disaster. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Your small white study room needs to seem to flow. Your small space should not appear to be one big step forward or one huge step back. Your small white space should simply look as though it is part of a larger whole. That way it will fit in with the rest of your room and not stick out in the center of your little space.

How to Apply White Color Correctly

Your white should appear to be neutral. That way it won’t stand out in the center of your small white study room and will instead seamlessly blend in with the rest of your home’s decor. You need to select a medium to dark neutral color such as beige, brown or off-white for your white. One way to ensure that your small white study room is going to have a professional appearance is to use a large white board as the main white background.

Another great way to create a cohesive look in your small white study room is to create some sort of balance out of your colors. For example, you can use beige together with browns or off-whites. Or you can also use off-whites with other lighter colors. Another great way to create a good balance in your space is to add in some black or dark woodworking elements along one wall.

Great Idea for a Small White Study Room

Another great idea for the small white study room is to add in a small metal wall sconce. These are perfect for lighting up your study table in times of study. Another great addition is to add a few pillows that match the color scheme of the room, preferably in a floral pattern. Pillows along one wall can be a lifesaver when you have small children in your home. It can provide your children with a nice place to sit and read or do their homework.

Another great addition is a small chandelier or a pendant lamp with your signature colored trim. Just make sure you pick a warm, neutral shade to add some real depth to your space. Some great shades to consider would be chocolate brown, off-white or off-green. Another option would be some deep sea green that goes with the beige and brown tones found in most neutral rooms. This is also a great way to introduce some color into a monochromatic space without overwhelming it.

Make a Small Study Room Look Big

Last but not least, make sure you have enough room to comfortably move around in your small study area. I’ve seen many homes that have large windows yet can only fit a desk or bookshelf into them. That’s a sad waste of space that could have been so wonderfully transformed if only the owner had realized there was a problem to begin with! All it takes is a little creativity and a lot of thought, but you too can transform your drab room into a lovely study area.

With these ideas in mind, your small white study area will likely be a hit in no time. It just takes a bit of planning and forethought. Remember to think about the style of your home first and match those colors. You will also want to think about the furnishings and accessories that you already have in your home and any other special touches that you might want.



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