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Design Ideas For Small Scandinavian Bathrooms

Ngumpi.com – You can decorate your small Scandinavian bathroom in many different ways. If you have a small bathroom you might be thinking about some of these suggestions. Dark gray and black are fashionable for smaller bathrooms today. White, black or off white, beige, light gray and even black but you will also find gray and black in small black spaces where white adds drama to the room. A Scandinavian small bathroom design is among the least favorite of these, however, the number ket of people who prefer it to others is small.

The Style of a Small Scandinavian Bathroom

The style of a small Scandinavian bathroom is very functional with a basic sink with a round shape basin. The sinks come in a variety of sizes but the most common is the single bowl sink which gives the room a larger look. For this room you could really add some classic style with modern efficiency. The most functional material for the walls is dark colored granite, and the tile used in the flooring is generally tile with small amounts of area rugs added. The rest of the small Scandinavian bathroom consists of doors that open onto a large bath tub. These tubs can be made from porcelain or fiberglass and the shower can be installed in the center of the tub or on the side where there is enough room.

Since a small Scandinavian bathroom is so functional, it must have a seating area. In the traditional design the seating area can be done with two armchairs or a bench seating arrangement. In the modern style, these can be done with a small coffee table that sits between two open shelves that are designed to hold toothbrushes. To add a touch of the outdoors you could install an outdoor sink with a rain-down shelf on one side. This could hold cutlery, towels, and other items needed for a comfortable bathroom environment.

Best Small Scandinavian Bathroom Features

Another feature in a small Scandinavian bathroom is the utilization of the Nordic approach to color. The Nordic approach to color uses warm neutral colors such as blue, green, gray and brown. These colors are associated with peace, beauty, nature and the ancient Nordic gods. The use of these colors helps to bring a sense of serenity to this small bathroom. A Nordic brown tub might even be placed by the sink to help complete the look of this small Scandinavian bathroom.

Another way to incorporate a little bit of Scandinavian decoration into your small bathroom is to use the white wall as a frame for a picture. You can hang a large picture of a bear from the ceiling or from the wall. Place the ice-cream tub on the top of a white backdrop, perhaps the one on your bathroom vanity table. If the room is small enough, consider installing a small wooden floor runner on the outside edge of the wall so that it matches the white wall. Adding a small skylight on the other side will bring more light into the room as well.

Of course, the bathroom is not the only place that you can install beautiful, relaxing ambiance. You can create the same relaxing ambiance in your bedroom. Using luxurious Swedish white subway bathroom tiles on the floor and a luxurious velvet bed covering will create a luxurious bedroom where you can get a full night’s sleep. When you wake up each day, your eyes will feel refreshed and your mood will be uplifted.

Selection of Accessories Has a Casual Design

The final touch to your small Scandinavian master bathroom is to accessorize with items that have a relaxing design themselves. Consider using a small brass medicine chest, a small wooden vanity bench, and a few pairs of white cotton drawers to display your aromatherapy candles or bath salts. Add a crystal paperweight and a curio cabinet made of oak. You may even consider putting a small iron candle on the mantel. All of these items can be accented with natural silk flowers that coordinate with your marble or stone flooring or ceramic tile walls.

Adding elements from the Nordic countries to your bathroom gives you a chance to refresh and recharge your spirit every day. It allows you to take a step back from your daily stressors and enjoy a new perspective. It is a fun and functional way to transform your small bathroom into a relaxing retreat. Just remember that the walls won’t have the calming effect that they do if they aren’t properly framed by white subway tiles in unique and interesting patterns. Keep this in mind when choosing colors and finishes for your new small Scandinavian design.



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