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Victorian Bedroom Decor – Give Your Room’s an Elegant Touch

Ngumpi.com – If you love vintage style decorating, then your bedroom Victorian design should be an expression of you and your personality. There are many different designs available today from antique to modern Victorian design. You will need to determine the theme and colors you like best before choosing your furniture. Here are some tips for decorating your Victorian style bedroom.

The Most Important Aspects of Victorian Bedroom Furniture

One of the most important aspects of Victorian bedroom furniture is that it’s heavy in nature. The reason for this is because the heavy drapes and heavy furniture were quite common during the Victorian era. You can still have your very romantic Victorian bedroom with lots of beautiful vintage fabrics and a bit of vintage charm. One of your best resources for upholstering and trims for your Victorian bedroom is your thrift shop.

In the Victorian era, women were very fashionable and most often wore elaborate dresses. Because of this, they were able to afford pieces of unique style clothing. You can have pieces of unique style dress available for your wardrobe in your Victorian bedroom furniture. You can have a dress with a waist belt or a corset and tie back.

Victorian Style Bedroom Headboard

You can have a unique style headboard for your Victorian bedroom available. This can add a very nice touch to your bedroom design. Headboards were very popular in the Victorian style decorating era. You can choose from many different shapes, sizes and colors to suit your personal preferences. With many different shapes, sizes and colors of headboards to choose from, you should be able to find one to perfectly suit your bedroom design.

If you are looking for some accent pieces to use in your Victorian bedroom, you might want to consider a four-poster bed. These beds were very popular during the late Victorian era. A four-poster bed is a popular antique that is quite lovely. These types of beds are usually adorned with intricately designed floral patterns on the four-poster.

Adding Appropriate Accessories

You will also want to have a few accessories to add to your Victorian bedroom. If you are decorating with more traditional decorating styles, you might want to use an upholstered throw over a chair. You could use a large Ottoman with arms and you would be starting your own unique piece of furniture. You can also add a decorative item like a small floral arrangement on your floor to use as a runner along your wall. Using unique pieces of furniture is what sets your room apart from others.

When shopping for furniture for your Victorian bedroom, remember to keep it simple. Clean lines and minimalist designs are very popular at this time. Remember, this type of furniture was designed to be comfortable as well as appealing to your guests. This doesn’t mean that it has to be boring! With a little bit of imagination, you can put together a very appealing look using basic furniture pieces.

The main thing to remember when putting together your Victorian bedroom decor is to stay away from bold colors. While bright colors such as red and black are popular, keep your scheme very simple. Simple colors make it easy to decorate and add sophistication to your decor. You can pull off a brilliant decorating scheme by keeping your accent’s very simple and adding a touch of romance or femininity.

Top Victorian Decorations

The Victorian style usually includes ornate details such as filigree on the headboard and intricate carvings on the shelves, mirror frames and table lamps. Use accent pillows on your bed and use a floral pattern on the curtain rods. You can find all sorts of Victorian accessories online and in antique stores. Remember to compliment your Victorian decor with a few matching throw pillows on your bedside tables, side tables and ceiling.

For those who are looking for more modern yet elegant pieces for their Victorian bedrooms, you can choose from a number of different accent pieces and decorative pieces. Keep in mind that while the Victorian era was known for its simplicity, it also was popular for having intricate decorative items. One of the most popular decorative items of this era is a large crystal chandelier. Chandeliers were often attached to the ceiling or hung from the wall, adding a touch of class and elegance.

When choosing decorative accessories and furniture for your Victorian bedrooms, don’t be afraid to experiment. You can go wild with colors and patterns, but remember to choose furniture and accents that complement each other. Choose Victorian-style bedroom furniture that uses simple patterns or elegant decorative items. You may also want to think about a wallpaper pattern or stencil that goes along with the era. This will help to tie the room together visually.



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