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Different Types Of French Furniture Styles

Ngumpi.com – French furniture is unique and classy. It is a mixture of beauty, elegance, simplicity and creativity. French furniture usually consists of antique, period pieces of furniture and modern pieces of furniture specially designed for Parisian homes. French furniture includes both the most elegant, state-of-the-art furniture manufactured in Paris for elite, royalty and commoners, aristocrats and wealthy upper bourgeoisie, and French rural furniture designed for the countryside.

Characteristics Of French Furniture

The history of French furniture dates back to the early nineteenth century when during the Industrial revolution, when many French industrialists moved to Paris from England. Their aim was to create high quality items for a market that was becoming increasingly demanding for such goods. During this time period, there was a great demand for inexpensive products that were durable and beautiful at the same time. In order to meet this growing demand for cheaply priced products, the French furniture companies started mass producing their products. Some of the most famous French furniture companies include Cachet, Dior, ThyssenKrupp Access, scratched Gaspars, Asahi, zo, Xcite and Crate & Barrel.

French furniture has evolved a lot over the past couple of hundred years. One of the key features of the French furniture that has remained unchanged over the centuries is its versatility and classic design. During the late eighteen hundreds, the majority of French furniture designs were inspired by the work of Mies Van Der Rhoe. Mies Van Der Rhoe is an influential Dutch artist who is responsible for many of the patterns and colours used in his paintings. His paintings are still viewable throughout Europe and his work is inspired not only by nature but also by architecture, flora and human beings.

Use of Wood Materials in Furniture

Artisans in France began to use different types of woods in their French furniture pieces. For example, popular items of furniture made from walnut were initially made from oak trees. From there, walnut branches were then used as a platform to support panels and other wooden components such as doors. When these components were then laid onto the bottom board, they formed the base of many beautiful tables and Chairs that are still used by collectors and restaurants to this day.

The best quality French furniture is usually made from reclaimed wood. This means that although the wood may have originally come from an older house or barn, it was then recycled and re-used within new furniture pieces. This wood can also help to save the environment because the trees which are used to make these beautiful pieces will not go to waste and will not be cut down. The wood, which is harvested from reclaimed wood suppliers will often have a gorgeous natural color to it, however, before the wood is used, it is first inspected to ensure that it is sound enough to be used as French antique pieces.

Most Popular French Furniture Styles

Today, there is a huge amount of interest in vintage French furniture because this style is often very intricate and ornate. Many antique furniture companies are now producing more of this type of furniture which is based on the classic style. These companies will often offer buyers a large variety of different styles to choose from. One of the most popular styles of this type of furniture is called the Chateau genre which is named after a French family who first started to make this type of furniture around the 19th century.

Although Chateau is one of the most well known styles, there are many others available. Another popular style of French furniture, which is growing in popularity is the art nouveau style. Art nouveau style French furniture often times incorporates more bold colors and a more elegant design to the pieces. Some of the most common materials that are used to make these types of furniture include metals, glass, wood, terracotta and even ceramics. There are many different styles that fall into this category.

In addition to these two famous French furniture styles, there was also a third style which was very popular during the late 19th century. This style was called the Art Deco. It is believed that this style was begun by Louis Comfort needed to create a new look for what was then considered to be outdated furniture. The piece that he created is often times referred to as the “French Triangle” due to its similarity to the French monarchy. The pieces that are most commonly thought to have come from the Art Deco style are the chairs and tables, which were usually very decorative and had a modern look to them. These tables and chairs were typically made from glass and walnut.



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