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Remodeling a Small Hollywood Glam Bathroom

Ngumpi.com – Lately many Hollywood stars have been seen in small towns across the country. They are taking a break from their massive movie contracts. Many of these celebrities have moved into small towns and cities. They are able to live out their dreams, no matter what they may be. One such dream belongs to a young girl named Brooke Shields.

Unique Ways to Renovate a Bathroom

Brooke is from a small town in Tennessee. She has always liked movies, especially Hollywood movies. Her favorite actor was Gene Wilder. Now that she is moving to New York, she would like to take a small role in a small movie she finds interesting. Her hopes are high because she will be living in a small town.

The first time Brooke went to a movie in New York City, she met her friend Sandy. She asked Sandy if they could go to the theater together. They did and just before they left, Brooke asked Sandy if they could see the New York skyline. They did, and before they knew it, they were in the theater!


A small bathroom like that used to belong to a hotel in California, was torn down. It is now being renovated to be a small Hollywood glam bathroom for Brooke and her friends. Her new bathroom will be inspired by the “Hollywood” lifestyle. Her friends include her mom, her sister, and her baby’s father.

Hollywood Glam Small Bathroom Transformation

Brooke’s friends all agree that she has a natural beauty, and everyone admires her straight face, and beautiful hair. Her hair looks perfect when it is arranged in a pod. Her personality has brought many people compliments throughout the years. She is outgoing and does not have a small inside or outside the circle of friends.

When construction on this house began, it was not easy to get access to the basement. Construction workers were afraid that if they broke through the walls, there would be dangerous electrical wiring. In order to alleviate these fears, the company hired an electrician to build a new, smaller version of what is currently a small Hollywood glam bathroom. This new bathroom is easier to get into than the previous, which helped with access issues.

The renovation also included adding a window in the bathroom so that the entire room can be seen from the outside. The lighting in the room has been upgraded as well. There are now several different types of light fixtures, such as halogen and fluorescent.

Simple and Elegant Design Tips

The only thing missing is a toilet, but luckily, that will not be a problem because there is a small sink located next to the tub. This makes it possible for Brooke to soak in the tub while her friends enjoy the view outside. Brooke’s small Hollywood house will soon be open for visitors. Her friends are excited about sharing their new home with her, and they will all be using this bathroom. The price includes the plumbing and electricians, so there should be no problem handling the remodel.

If you have the opportunity, a small Hollywood house always looks neat. It adds a touch of elegance to any home. The process of remodeling can be very enjoyable. It allows someone to really feel like they are indulging in the Hollywood lifestyle while saving money at the same time. When remodeling a bathroom, many homeowners will add a small entertainment center to accommodate movies, music, and television shows.

Some homeowners choose to have the vanity built separately from the other parts of the home. This allows them to make the choice of the type of vanity that they want. Some people build a full, two-story, fully equipped, elegant China cabinet. Others opt for the more modest one-story small vanity, featuring a solid wood countertop and a simple but elegant design. Either way, the outcome is always the same beauty.

How to Keep Furniture Counters Clean

The sinks in a small Hollywood glam bathroom should be made of solid materials. If the sink looks too cheap and unappealing, it will be easy to tell. It’s better to purchase high quality materials than it is to look cheap. The cabinet that is used to store personal care products should also be high quality.

One thing to keep in mind when remodeling a small Hollywood glam bathroom is that the homeowners should keep it all very clean. People are often surprised at how much dirt they can pick up in a single visit to the bathroom. The homeowners need to keep their counters squeaky clean, and use a gentle cleaner when picking cleaning products. They should also learn to properly dispose of leftover cleaning products, as some contain acids that can be damaging to the wood.



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