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Beach Cottage Dining Room Design

Ngumpi.com –┬áThe Beach Cottage dining room has all the charm of a quaint seaside village, complete with Shiplap ceiling, light blue accents, and an Octagon-shaped table. Incorporating light blue accents and an Octagon-shaped table will create the perfect room for entertaining and socializing. Here are a few decorating tips:
Light blue accents

The Perfect Coastal Beach Home

A coastal beach house is the perfect setting for light blue accents. A blue striped rug and chairs complement a beach theme. Modern window treatments are also a great way to add a touch of beach style. A piece of furniture resembling an old sea captain’s chair is an excellent choice for this coastal-inspired room. Antique-inspired furniture adds character and patina. For example, this dining room in East Hampton, New York, showcases a hand-hewn sawhorse table.

A beach cottage dining room can also feature light blue accents. Light blue walls, tables, and furniture are popular coastal accent colors. These colors also pair well with light gray or white furniture. Accent colors in coastal rooms are soft and subtle, typically involving neutrals, light blues, greys, greens, and warm beige. However, you can add accents to accentuate your coastal dining room by adjusting the shades of these colors.
Shiplap ceiling.

A coastal look can be achieved with a traditional set up, including a shiplap ceiling. This design scheme is best applied to rooms with lots of natural light and white walls, such as dining rooms. A white shiplap ceiling and wood walls can provide a fresh and coastal look while a traditional table and chairs can be paired with a scaled chandelier and upholstered chairs. For a rustic, industrial look, you could add raw light fixtures with exposed bulbs and rubbed metals. Leather chairs made with a tubular steel frame are another way to create a look of vintage coastal decor.

Considerations When Choosing The Size Of The Ceiling Height

You should also take the right measurements for your ceiling. Remember that the length and width measurements should be at least the same. Purchasing enough planks for your ceiling can make the entire process easier and eliminate mistakes. If you want to avoid making mistakes, purchase planks that are light colored. Tongue and groove pine is a lightweight option that you can find in the paneling aisle of your local home improvement store.

In a secluded retreat, the cream fringe chandelier in a Beach Cottage dining room lends a whimsical touch to the room. The 18-inch sphere is adorned with three layers of fringe, which give it added dimension and visual interest. The natural brass accents and opal glass dome of the chandelier also lend to its charm. Although you can’t return the cream fringe chandelier, the vendor will replace it for you if there is a defect.

This dining room is a great place to add a splash of color, as long as it’s not overpowering. A mother-of-pearl shell chandelier in a Beach Cottage dining room dresses down the formal elements while connecting the space to the Atlantic Ocean. Pendant lighting is an easy and inexpensive way to add a touch of beach-chic without breaking the budget, as pendant lights distribute light evenly.

Characteristics of the Dining Room

This dining room features a marble octagon shaped table and a large painting on the wall. The asymmetric sides of the table add a contemporary touch, while different types of plants and brick patterns create a natural look. This room is sure to add interest to any decor. Guests will love its beach cottage vibe, and you’ll love the way it ties into the entire design scheme.

The table is paired with four classic wooden chairs and a flowing asymmetrical area rug. The chandelier is a cool metal installation that hangs from a beam in the ceiling. The dining room is designed by Shelby Girard of Wade Design Architects. The design is whimsical, yet sophisticated. The color palette is soft coral and mint green with hints of brown. The three chandeliers hang from the beams, which are framed in white.
Metal bar stools

Adding metal bar stools to your Beach Cottage dining room is a great way to add a pop of color and contrast with your beachy decor. You can easily find a variety of color options to match your room’s decor. Metal stools will match both traditional and farmhouse-style furnishings. These bar stools are available in counter and bar stool heights. You can even choose between different materials like faux wood or leather.

Coastal-Style Furniture

Coastal-style furniture and barstools in metal and wood can complement your style. They balance clean lines with ornate elements, and if you have a contemporary dining room, rattan bar stools will add a modern touch. If you choose rattan stools, make sure you find a set with footrests. A footrest is another great addition to your coastal-style furniture.
Antique-inspired furniture

This charming beach cottage is filled with coastal vibes thanks to antique-inspired furniture. The dining table is fitted with a lazy Susan. The room also features a chandelier made of car headlights, which adds to the coastal theme. You can see more pictures of the beach cottage and its dining room below. The dining table complements the rugs and flooring of the room. In the background, framed artwork adds color to the dining room.

The beach house’s furnishings play up the natural setting by highlighting the seascape and blue hues. A striped rug and upholstered side chairs are ideal for this setting, while a contemporary print on the window treatments adds complementary green. A dining room is an ideal place to incorporate antique-inspired furniture, which gives the space a patina and soul. For instance, an East Hampton dining room features a reproduction sawhorse table, hand-hewn planks, and a scalloped mirror. The kitchen is also decorated with a perfectly pink Smeg refrigerator.



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