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How to Decorate a Small Empty White Room

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Using Attractive and Balancing Furniture

In a white space, use curved furniture and objects to balance the boxy feel. Curvy tables, rugs, and accessories help keep a room from looking stark. White walls are a blank canvas that allow your furnishings to shine. They also make a great backdrop for bold accents of color that can stand out against the white background. Add a pop of color with a statement-making piece of art or a rug. Choose saturated shades like chartreuse to instantly brighten up your space. White rooms often lack architectural details, so warm up a minimalist setting with natural wood furniture. Light-colored woods like birch and maple are especially inviting.

Using the same floor color as the walls is a great way to create continuity and make a room feel larger. If you’re a little adventurous, try a bright accent color like this cool chartreuse. Coordinating your floor and wall paint with furniture and window treatments will also help the space appear larger. Create a book nook with freestanding or built-in white bookshelves that disappear into the walls for a seamless look. The shelves offer a perfect place to display rows of colorful books, photos and accessories.

A white ceiling looks crisp and clean. It’s a great backdrop for fiddle leaf philodendrons, cacti and other indoor plants. A monochromatic color scheme (using the same shade in different sheens) on both the walls and the ceiling makes your room feel bigger and more open. It also eliminates the problem of what’s considered a wall and what’s considered trim—especially important if your space has a complicated roofline.

Redecorating by Maximizing Small Spaces

A bold paint color on the ceiling brings a fun pop of color and helps make your room feel like a living canvas. Just be sure to remove any overhead light fixtures before painting. White doors are an easy way to brighten a small room. They make the space feel bigger and maximize light, but many homeowners overlook this simple detail when redecorating a small home. Accenting the doors with a shade that complements the walls adds depth and dimension to the space.

Don’t be afraid to use dashes of bold color in a small white space. A few pops of a fun hue such as chartreuse instantly makes the room look cheerful and contemporary. A crisp white room offers a perfect backdrop for large indoor plants such as philodendrons, fiddle leaf fern trees and cacti. A crisp white wall also provides the best backdrop for a large piece of wall art, such as a mural.

Add dashes of color to your white room by adding a bold accent color in an unexpected place. Here, chartreuse curtains add a pop of color to the bedroom without overwhelming the space. White bookshelves practically disappear into the walls of this small white bedroom, creating a seamless look and giving you the opportunity to fill them with rows of colorful books, photos and accessories.

Creates a Clean Background for Indoor Plants

If you have a statement piece of furniture that is interesting for another reason, such as an elegantly curved sofa or marble coffee table that steals the show with its incredible veining, painting it white lets it stand out without competing against the walls. White also creates a clean backdrop for indoor plants such as large philodendrons, fiddle leaf fern trees, and cacti. Vary shapes in the room to add visual interest. Elongated mirrors and accessories elongate the wall, while circular furniture and objects — such as a cowhide rug — balance a boxy room.

White rooms can feel sterile and without personality, but accenting boldly with dashes of color can bring the space to life. Choose throw pillows or upholstered furniture in fun motifs, or hang a playful piece of art. White also makes a great backdrop for vibrant indoor plants such as large philodendrons, fiddle leaf ferns and cacti. Elongate walls with a long mirror, piece of art or floor lamp to add visual length and a sense of proportion.

Floors can pick up a lot of contaminants and dust over time. To reduce these particles, place an air shower (a device that blows away dust and particles) near the entrance to the white room. Wood floors can also be painted a bright white. This entryway by @simesstudio uses a simple hexagonal pattern to create an eye-catching look that feels sophisticated rather than dramatic or busy. If you use a colored floor, be sure to select a durable finish for this high-traffic area. Choose a shade that coordinates with the wall paint for an integrated appearance. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.



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