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Ngumpi.com –¬†Footwear generally refers to footwear that specifically serves the purpose of protecting the foot from abrasions of the external environment like temperature and ground conditions. In the most common way of looking at it, footwear is basically shoes and boots. In fact, footwear in the modern way of speaking so commonly serves just the function of easing locomotion and avoiding potential injuries. The importance of footwear today can never be underestimated or taken for granted.

Different Types of Footwear Designs

Footwear varies according to function and design. They are divided into three major groups – athletic shoes, dress shoes, and work shoes. Athletic footwear comprises of sneakers, sandals, pumps, etc. Designed with the sole thought to be flat and inflexible, athletic footwear can have a cushioned bottom and a rigid upper part. In contrast to the working footwear which are designed to protect the foot while performing works, the dress shoes are more flexible, making it easier to move around while dancing or executing some other dance moves.

Dress shoes are usually worn to events and occasions that involve little or no activity on the foot. Dress footwear can be casually worn to attend home parties and informal get together. Some of them include sling back sandals, sling back boots and some form of mid-calf footwear. Sports footwear is mostly worn in sports like tennis, golf, soccer and so forth. These footwear can either be spiked or flat sole.

Ankle boots are mainly worn over slippers and offer ankle support and extra warmth to the wearer. There are many different types of footwear that fall under this category like espadrilles, paves with rubber soles, capris with rubber soles, ankle boots with laces, espadrilles with laces, flat heeled boots, etc. Flat heeled ankle boots help in adding to the height of the wearer. Heels are another type of footwear that come in different varieties and they can be flat heeled, pointed or high heels.

Wearing the Right Footwear

It is very important to wear proper footwear when you are doing exercises. This is because incorrect shoes can cause several problems including foot strains and muscle pains. Proper footwear includes toe shoes, ballerina flat shoes, running shoes, gym shoes, sneaker shoes, sneakers and ladies’ shoes. Toe shoes have the smallest and tightest fit and should only be worn while doing exercises.

Wearing shoes made of suede, leather and canvas are a good option if you want to look trendy. Topsiders, Wellington boots are the popular brands that manufacture different varieties of footwear for women. Topsiders are great when you have to walk long distances, they provide good ankle support and are very comfortable as well. Wellingtons are also popular footwear for young girls as they give a perfect shape to the foot and they are available in several colors such as pink, purple, light blue, red and yellow.

Tips for Choosing Shoes that Provide Comfort for Feet

Wellingtons are normally made up of rubber and leather and they are a little bit stiff when fitted, this is because the rubber and leather are hard and stiff when manufactured. They will give your foot a good grip on the ground and help to keep your ankle straight. Ladies’ Wellingtons are available in many colors such as pink, light blue, red and yellow and they can be purchased from any shoe store. Men’s wellies are also available in canvas and leather and they will give the same protection to the foot as ladies’ wellies.

These boots are usually worn by people who are working outside or in a factory environment. They are usually worn with high heels, jeans and leather jackets. The boots are waterproof and will keep the feet dry and safe. People will wear these boots when they go trekking and they are perfect to be worn on any outdoor activity. These boots are easy to walk in and they do not slip very easily.



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