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Interior Design Ideas For Small Eclectic Bedrooms

Ngumpi.com – When decorating a small eclectic bedroom you can be sure that you will have a lot of options. You can create any type of look that suits your style. Your bedding is important but so is everything else in the room. I try to keep it simple with bright colors. I love bold colors on the flooring and window treatments. Bright colors make everything pop.

Bohemian Style Decoration for Small Eclectic Bedroom

You can have a small eclectic bedroom decorated in Bohemian styles with bold colors, leather furniture and antiques. There are many pieces of art that can be placed on your bookcase or on your coffee table such as a vintage typewriter, boho lampshades and art prints. A piece of jewelry from an eclectic collection can also add to your eclectic look in your small boho space.

Smaller bedrooms can also be modern with mid-century modern design ideas. The bedding is very important. I have seen some beautiful bedding sets from my friend that were so unique. Her bedroom had the feel of an art Deco museum.

Lamps are another important accessory for your small, eclectic bedroom. I like a piece of upholstered bed with a display shelf, coffee table or display shelf in front of a leather bed frame. I think that a beautiful lampshade on your nightstand would also add to the beauty of your room.

Colorful Eclectic Bedroom Furniture

When decorating a small bedroom, you need to think about color, pattern and texture. For my small cozy area I chose colorful eclectic bedroom furniture. I chose checkered tables with colored dots for the center piece, a big, brightly colored shower curtain with a pattern that was randomly printed on it and two matching runner lights on each side of the shower curtain. I chose a bold, bright color for the curtains, with a lighter-colored throw on the bed and a dark brown runner with a pattern printed on it. I used these same colors for the linens and on the floor mats.

I found a beautiful hand-painted Indian style bed frame on sale at my favorite big box store. It was painted by a local artist in my town. I purchased this beautiful hand painted Indian bed frame along with a colorful boho bag to put in the room. I chose a pale lavender color for the curtains and walls and a medium shade of brown for the runner. The boho bag, which I had painted myself, matched the colorful accent perfectly and complimented the colorful eclectic bedroom.

Layering the Beauty of an Eclectic Boho Chic Bedroom

Bedroom accessories are usually a great place to start, especially when redecorating. I love the look and feel of upholstered bedside tables and cabinets, so I decided to include one or two in my Boho chic eclectic bedroom design. I chose small Indian sculpture bowls to line the shelves and small wooden picture frames to mount on the wall. I found a beautiful pair of vintage Indian designer jeans that I stained and embellished with Indian embroidery. I placed two small tealight holders in a couple of my guest bathrooms and found a few vintage designer reading lamps that I incorporated into the decor of my small cozy apartment.

These are just a few of the little things that I incorporated into my little Boho chic decorating. I adored the funky art Deco design ideas and love the look and feel of upholstered furniture. These Boho chic interior design looks fresh and cozy, perfect for an Indian style bedroom. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to decorate your small bedroom, check out my blog for more Boho chic decorating ideas and free Boho interior design prints and photographs. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.



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