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The Risks and Benefits of Wearing High Heels

Ngumpi.com – Footwear heels are a very important part of a woman’s footwear collection. High heels, sometimes called simply stilettos or high heels, are a kind of footwear where the heel is usually elevated or very high, usually resulting in the heel of a woman’s foot being much higher off the floor than the feet of the average person. This can be an uncomfortable position for many women. In order to avoid this discomfort, many women choose to wear the more supportive running or walking shoes.

The Importance of Women Using High Heels

It is very important for women to wear footwear heels that are both comfortable and proper in height. However, there are some situations where high heels may be appropriate. The most common of these situations involves professional athletics. Professional runners often wear heels that are at least one inch higher than the average woman.

One of the main concerns involved with wearing heels is the danger of injuring the back, legs, and feet while running. For this reason, it has been established that proper footwear should never be worn during sports. Many women are not aware of this risk. In fact, many women wear the wrong footwear heels when participating in sports. Some do so because they have been told that this style is safer. Others continue to participate in this fashion even though it puts them at a greater risk of suffering an injury.

Attracting Attention with High Heels

Even among those who are aware of the dangers of wearing footwear heels, many women continue to wear them. Part of the reason for this may simply be that high heels make women appear less appealing. Wearing anything too high can make a woman look like she is trying to hide her problem. Because high heels draw attention to the back, many women wear clothing or accessories that is too tight or too long.

For example, many women wear high heeled sandals under their skirts instead of flat, proper shoes. This allows the heels to show, thus disguising the problem. It has also been suggested that women should opt for flat footwear. Flat shoes will minimize the possibility of a slipped heel, which is one of the most common causes of back injuries.

The Risks of Wearing Heels for Women

The second major risk associated with wearing footwear heels is that the foot may become injured when attempting to walk or run. This is especially problematic for women who are larger-breasted, which may mean they need to wear larger-than-normal heels. Some of these larger-breasted women end up in pain after wearing their footwear heels for a period of time. Wearing large-heeled footwear also has the added risk of causing corns, calluses, or thick calluses on the feet. This is due to the weight of the extra body weight carried by the heels.

Finally, the disadvantages of wearing high heels are more social and personally embarrassing than they are painful. When walking in public, women will have to deal with stares and comments for the entire duration of time they are wearing their heels. Women who are not used to wearing heels may feel like they cannot perform certain tasks comfortably, such as bending over to pick up a pen. In addition, wearing high heels also limits their range of motion, meaning that they cannot comfortably bend to pick up small items in a restaurant.

Although there are many risks associated with wearing high heels, there are also many benefits. Wearing the right footwear can provide pain relief for those who experience pain from their arthritis. They can also provide improved posture, reduced back pain, improved gait, and increased stability and comfort when performing physical activities. These same benefits are experienced by women who wear lower-heeled footwear.



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