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Victorian Bedroom Furniture – How to Create a Victorian Ambiance in Your Home

Ngumpi.com – If you have always longed to sleep in your bed like a queen, then a Victorian bedroom might be just right for you! The first thought that comes to mind whenever considering dressing up a Victorian bedroom is plenty of folds of soft, cozy fabrics, intricate layers of rich, warm hues, and sheer grace. Victorian bedrooms were often the largest rooms in the house, sometimes up to twenty feet wide and more than double the length! Everything from the bed to the furnishings was designed to luxuriate the owner.

Tips for Dressing up a Victorian Bedroom

To dress up a Victorian bedroom in an “old-fashioned” way, try adding some old-fashioned touches to your walls and ceiling. Paint your walls gray or paint the ceiling white. Don’t forget to add a nice floral pattern to the walls; you’ll want the colors to match those of the linens and comforters you use.

If your bed feels too formal, try using a rich, plush fabric on the headboard and add luxurious throws and pillows to the upholstered furniture. In the bathroom, you’ll want to choose a luxurious steam cleaner and add luxury towels. Keep in mind that the Victorian-style bedrooms were designed to be practical and to minimize any wasted space. You should keep the floor clean and sweep the floors with a broom or vacuum. You can keep the walls a high gloss to give them that antique look.

Using a Traditional or Unique Style Bed

The bedding can either be traditional or a unique style. Many people love the idea of using old fashioned comforters and blankets. However, there are also those who would prefer to use something more modern. A unique piece of Victorian bedroom furniture is a good choice, such as a unique wardrobe.

Victorian bedrooms typically have a high ceiling. Using beautiful, intricately carved wood pieces is a popular idea for many Victorian bedroom decorating plans. In fact, you can find many lovely, hand carved pieces at affordable prices if you look in the right places. For those who aren’t into collecting beautiful pieces of furniture, there are many beautiful photographs that would match the decor. Just remember to keep the bedroom in a neutral color scheme, otherwise the effect will be too strong.

Victorian Style Bedroom Furniture Selection

In the Victorian bedroom furniture selection process, consider using natural, rather than painted, woods. There were very few manufacturers in the Victorian era that used painted wood. In fact, most of the time, the furniture was made from mahogany. While mahogany was generally a bit more expensive than other types of wood, it was considered far more luxurious, and therefore it became the preferred wood for the majority of furniture. It has the timeless beauty that we all strive to achieve, as well as being extremely durable.

If you want to add some more luster to your walls, then consider purchasing a piece of upholstered Victorian bedroom furniture with damask patterned on it. These pillows will bring a feeling of richness to any room, whether it is dark and damp or light and airy. For example, damask accentuated with a fleecy fabric is ideal in an upholstered duvet cover. If you are looking for a softer look, then you could use a sateen sheet with a damask accent.

There are also many types of Victorian bed sets available in today’s market. With these items, you could choose between different kinds of quilts, cots, and blankets that you could either have upholstered or mattresses. You can also choose a canopy bed, which is a modern-looking reproduction of a canopy used by Victorian women and children. All your bedroom needs will be met with these incredible accessories.



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