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Victorian Interior Decorating – An Introduction

Ngumpi.com – For many people, Victorian Interior Design sounds like an impossible dream. For the modern homeowner, however, Victorian Interior Design styles can seem out of reach. But you do not need a grand, historic house or an outrageous budget to work with the basics of Victorian interior design – you just need some imagination and a little time. With a few basic tips, you can bring the charm of Victorian Interior Design into your everyday home.

The First Step To Victorian Interior Design

To begin with, decide what aspects of victorian interior design you would like to incorporate into your own home. What colors do you want to use? What textures and materials do you find yourself gravitating toward? Which accessories would best complement your desired theme?

The Victorian style in general was a style of decor that focused on using heavy, ornate furnishings and intricate carvings on everything from furniture to the walls and ceilings. This heavy furniture often had a very intricate and decorated pattern carved into it, or was inlaid with metal and wood. Ornate wall carvings were also quite common, and could include things like peacocks or other bird statures. In addition to the heavy, ornate pieces, the victorian interiors were also often lined with velvet, which gave them a rich, velvety look.

Luxury Of Victorian Style

During the early part of the Victorian era, the government began promoting the construction of new homes, and this is where the term victorian decorator was born. This was a decorating movement that promoted the use of luxurious materials and lavish decorative schemes in the Victorian style. This movement also included the movement towards what many felt was a more “human” style of decoration, which included natural fabrics, light painting, and crafts. Most of the decorative arts that were created during this time period were geared towards the rich who could afford them, and they were meant to be eye-catching and to showcase the beauty of the people who lived in those homes.

During the mid Victorian period, the Victorian interior decoration movement was also beginning to fade away. Part of this was due to the influence of the mass manufacturing techniques used in other parts of the world, and this is when manufacturers began mass-producing cheap materials that could be reproduced in a massive scale to appeal to the middle class. In addition to this, the Victorians themselves were becoming a lot less interested in the decorative arts, as their interest in the world war effort was growing. It is interesting to note how the Victorian era, which so thoroughly enjoyed the glories of Victorian era, was dying off, with most of its followers either going into professions or going into other pursuits.

Characteristics Of Victorian Design

Now neo-classical and other forms of Victorian design are often seen as kitschy, and often as embarrassing attempts at copying the designs from the Victorian period. However this is far from the truth. neo-classical design can be highly sophisticated, and can often incorporate many intricate elements of design, such as the use of natural materials, intricate carvings, and even plants. These plants can add a distinct scent to any room, and can help to give your home an earthy scent – ideal for those with a natural affinity for plants. In addition, these plants can act as a natural air purifier, as well as a cleaner and more breathable environment.

One of the best places to find vintage Victorian wall treatments is flea markets. Flea markets are often a great place to find unique bargains, and often you will find old photographs and prints, as well as pieces of art, antiques, furniture, and wall treatments that have been found during many historical times. Some of the flea markets in your area may even feature actual artifacts, such as china or glassware from the Victorian era. This can give you an idea of the types of things people used to decorate their homes back then, and can prove to be extremely interesting, and educational for you.

There are a number of other ways to decorate your house in a manner that incorporates the charm of the victorian era. As well as flea markets and antique shops, another good option is to visit second hand stores, where you will be able to find a wide variety of different wallpaper, rugs, and bedding that was produced during this time period. For those who are interested in more complex designs, it can often be worth visiting antique shops, although you should bear in mind that these items will normally be more expensive, due to the rarity of the item. You can also try searching on the internet for more obscure items, which can sometimes contain flea market finds as well as more elaborate wall coverings and carpets.



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