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Scandinavian Minimalist Interior Design

Ngumpi.com – If you want to create a calm, stress-free home environment that promotes hygiene and everyday comfort then Scandinavian minimalism is for you. Unlike other design styles, it’s more flexible and allows you to experiment to find what works best for your space.

Combining Clean Lines and Simplicity with Soft Colors

This style combines clean lines and simplicity with soft hues and natural fibers. Here’s how to embrace this versatile approach in your own home: As a “back to basics” design style, Scandinavian minimalism prioritizes function and practicality. This translates to storage pieces that double as stylish decor, furniture with multiple uses or convertible pieces that can be adapted for different functions. It also means choosing materials that are environmentally friendly and durable enough to last.

White walls are a staple of Scandinavian interiors because they help to keep rooms feeling bright and airy. However, the Scandis often pair them with earthy, natural colors and textures to create warmth and a lived-in feel. They also favor wood flooring over carpet. It’s no secret that Scandinavians love nature, and this sentiment extends to their home designs. To bring a sense of hygge and Lagom to your home, add in natural elements like house plants, wood furniture, nature-inspired sculptural pieces, and organic textiles and upholstery. This also means sourcing local and sustainable products that support small businesses and handcrafters. This is a great way to support the community and reduce your carbon footprint!

The key to Scandinavian minimalism is to eliminate clutter and only include furniture and decor that serves a purpose. This is especially important in the bedroom where hygge and a good night’s sleep are paramount. Ideally, everything that’s out of place in the room should be housed somewhere else, such as a closet or a storage system. A great way to get started with decluttering is by going room-by-room and tackling each one individually. Make sure that everyone in the family is involved so that they have buy-in and are on board with keeping their space clean.

An Elegant and Functional Look in Scandi Living Room Designs

The first step in the process of decluttering is to sort everything into piles. One pile should contain items that you love, the other should be the things that you’re unsure about and the final one should be trash or donate. From there, you can begin to determine what needs to stay in the space and how it should be organized. The Nordics like to keep their surfaces clear, but they also know how to use storage creatively. Consider incorporating bespoke shelving into your decor for an elegant and functional look. In this Scandi living room design, a bespoke wooden shelving unit by Swanson Homes adds plenty of storage for books and other decorative elements, while a black marble coffee table from Menu provides a stark contrast against the white slipcovered sofa.

Minimalist Scandinavians love to incorporate natural materials, like wood flooring, into their interior designs. It’s no wonder that this style of decor is a popular choice for those looking to achieve a cozy and comfortable living space while maintaining radical simplicity. Scandinavians embrace hygge, the practice of coziness and warmth. This can be achieved by adding cozy textures and embracing the cadence of light in the summer months when daylight lasts for up to 24 hours. A soft blanket, a sheepskin, or a fluffy throw can be used as an accent to create a warm and welcoming space while keeping with the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic.

Creating a Bright and Cozy Living Space

Scandinavians prioritize letting in plenty of natural light to create a bright, comfortable living space. White walls and furniture are the perfect way to reflect that light and make rooms appear larger. In a region that has long, dark winters, it’s important for Scandis to feel cozy and content in their homes. This is embodied in the concept of hygge, which can be achieved through simple design choices.

For example, a few well-placed house plants can add a pop of green that’s sure to cheer you up. Similarly, a couple of well-chosen blankets in linen and wool can be a great addition to your décor. Moreover, it’s not uncommon to find Scandis who love combining old and new. This is done to add character and a sense of originality to the room, while still keeping with a minimalist aesthetic. To achieve this, try pairing a traditional piece of furniture with a modern rug or wall art.



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