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Roseville Lamps Antique

Ngumpi.comThe classic table lamps by Roseville feature double branch handles and the R.V. paper label. The ixia floral motif and the green and blue color line are also distinctive features of the Roseville Lamps. The leaded glass shade and figural base are classic elements of these lamps. The rare bulbous base is often identified by the label R.V. Imperial II. Its unique design is indicative of the era when the company was in its early stages of production.

Reproductions of La Rose marked with the Rv ink stamp

Newly made roseville lamps, such as the Larose, have a highly glossy glaze, which does not show up in photographs of the original or reproductions. However, the overall background has a matte finish. The paint is applied to the center of each blossom using sponges or dipped rags. The paint on the new buds is sprayed on, leaving a speckled area of color. A reproduction of the La Rose is marked with a similar Rv ink stamp but in a lighter shade of blue.

Wisteria features sensual combinations

The designs are often made in various materials and have distinct characteristics. Several are known for their aesthetics and motifs. A popular line is Pinecone. It features browns and greens in its design, while Wisteria displays a sensuous combination of purple blossom, green foliage, and brown background. This design also offers more contrast than any other. Blackberry is another popular collection, which features cool autumnal hues and dark berries. Futura is inspired by Art Deco shapes, yet features a unique Roseville design. Lastly, Zephyr Lily has fluid lines and the signature lily design.

Originals of the Roseville magnolia pattern were introduced to the American market in the late 1950s. The late period roseville pieces are marked with the letters R.V.A., their pattern code, and their size. New Roseville pieces are also marked with the same markings as originals, but there is no reliable test to identify reproductions. If you are not sure whether a piece is original, consider buying it.

Roseville pottery pieces typically have a subtle, radiant color

A good way to identify the age of a piece is by reading its pottery mark. Roseville pottery pieces usually have subtle, glowing colors. If you come across a piece for less than $50, it is likely not Roseville. Otherwise, it is probably damaged or not Roseville. The name of the company has earned it a great reputation and is recognized around the world. If you’re looking to buy a vintage piece, make sure you research the company before you decide on a purchase.



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