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Decorating Ideas for a Small Nautical Living Room

Ngumpi.com –┬áSmall nautical living rooms are a great addition to any home, as they are both functional and beautiful. This type of room is great for anyone who likes the sound of water, the sun, sand, and waves. There is a lot of history and tradition surrounding this style of the room. It was first popular in Europe, but it has now taken on a new look in the United States. This country is known for its love of the sea, and it seems to just keep getting more excited about it. There are many reasons why people like this type of living room decor.

Considering Small Nautical Living Room Decoration Ideas

If you are considering a small nautical living room decor idea, there are a few things you should know. This design style is very eye-catching, especially when used with large paintings or photos of the sea or boats. Turquoise, aqua, and blue are among the colors you will find used the most.

Small nautical living rooms are also quite popular in homes that have a natural feel to them. This type of atmosphere can be achieved using a pale blue, white, or gray wall paint, light tiles, and seashells on the wall. Large pieces of artwork, such as a reproduction of an ocean scene, would also give this living room design idea an even more tropical look. Light fixtures and candles in seashells will complete the look of this type of room.

As with any small nautical living room design idea, decorating the room with sea shells is not strictly necessary. The use of seashells does add a touch of texture to the room, but the addition of soft furnishings such as pillows, chairs, and a large mirror is enough to create a calming atmosphere. Any furniture with a smooth and subtle surface will be better suited to this decor. Light color cushions are also ideal for this design idea.

Small Nautical Living Room Decoration Lighting Ideas

The lighting in a small nautical living room decor idea is very important. The use of a small spotlight may be all that is needed to achieve this effect. For this room, a dimmer light bulb placed at the end of a long narrow table will be sufficient. A large aquarium equipped with live fish will give this small nautical living room design idea a tropical flair.

Wall decor featuring anchor signs, sea shells, anchor pendants, or an old ship’s compass is another option. Large paintings hanging on the wall are another option. These paintings can have a coastal theme and can use sea scenes, various colors, and use of bright colors. Use of seashells and shells will enhance this room’s look. These elements will not only make the room look soft and lovely, but will also add to its functionality.

The Right Way to Decorate according to the Nautical Theme

For this room, use of heavy duty shelves will be suitable. Large bins filled with different odds and ends will also be useful for this room. Use of sand pails and shovels will help fill the small storage area that will be needed for this nautical theme. If you want to add a touch of land, you can place a rug or carpet on the floor between the bed and the wall. Using rugs that match the bedding will enhance the look of the room. You can also place photos of the family on the wall that capture their personality.

To complete the look of the small nautical living room, you can further it by using wallpaper that has a nautical theme. The colors on the wallpaper should preferably be ocean blue or deep maroon with white edges. To add to the appearance of being on the beach, a small island with an anchor painted on it will be an interesting accent. A variety of candles in blue and white flame will provide additional decorations.



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