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Decorating Your Small Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Ngumpi.com – A small mid-century modern bedroom may seem very nice and quaint, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be decorated just like a regular bedroom if you put in the effort. This one actually comes with a vintage chic table, leather floors, vintage lamp, comfortable circular rug, and lots of framed photographs! What’s great about this one is that the decorating theme comes right from the ‘twenties and thirties.

Choosing Colors for Small Mid-Century Modern Bedrooms

The first thing you want to do with your small mid-century modern bedroom is choosing the perfect color palette. If you are not sure which colors you want to use, go with cream, eggshell, or off-white. You can even use warm shades of brown and beige. One-color that works really well is white.

You can begin by choosing your lighting. If you don’t already have it picked out, you should consider hanging up some chandeliers or sconces. Choose a few throw pillows that match the decor. Your small mid-century modern bedroom will look fantastic if all your decorations are in one color scheme.

When it comes to furniture for your bedroom, don’t forget the modern accessories! The sofa set should include a pullout bed, a pair of sofas, a couple of chairs, and accent pillows. Don’t forget the floor mats. The floor mat is going to protect your furniture, especially if you have a lot of shoes in your house. It also adds to the style. Remember, you want to keep the room as casual as possible.

Tips for Adding a Modern Style Decoration

One way to really add to the style of your room is to use ornaments and decorations. A modern metal wall hanging will work very well with the ornaments that you’ve chosen. Another idea is to find a small metal table that you can attach an antique rug to. This type of decoration is simple, inexpensive, and adds a rustic feel to your bedroom features. Keep in mind that you should pick ornaments and decorations in the same color family as your sofa set, walls, or table.

If you’re looking for a decorative accessory to use as part of your small mid-century modern bedroom decorating, you might consider using a natural wood rug. Rugs made from real wood or natural wood siding look great in this kind of room. If you can’t find any real wood ones, you can still find many imitation wood types. Find some that match your decor as closely as possible. It helps if the rug is slightly darker than the rest of your furniture or bed coverings.

Hanging Decoration Ideas That Match Furniture

Use a white wall hanging to really bring the look of your bedroom features together. You may also want to choose a white wall hanging that matches your other bedroom furniture. Or, you can use a solid color as the background on your white wall hanging. Another idea is to hang a black and white rug in your small bedroom. Again, match it to other bedroom items.


Finally, you can bring the earth out of your bedroom by using brown and gray themes or natural earth tones. Look for small vases or bowls made from natural materials like terracotta. Make sure you use these bowls or pots as the bases for your small mid-century modern bedroom paintings and ornaments. You can also find various animal or insect statues or pot plants that are made from natural materials that fit into the grey theme. You can also use brown paper and various kinds of recycled cloth as the accent colors on your walls. This will give your bedroom a very eco-friendly feel.



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