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Bohemian Basement Ideas – Paint, Stone, Wall Art and More

Ngumpi.com – Boiling it up in a Bohemian basement can be fun, liberating, and a great way to redo your home. There are many Bohemian basement ideas to choose from. There is no need for expensive kits or high end design plans. Simply add a few well-chosen items and voila! You have a fully transformed, totally unique space. From an elaborate decor consisting of a grand fireplace and massive wooden floor plan to the downtown Bohemian feel with old world furnishings, rustic benches, cork boards, antiques, and earthy colors, there is something for everyone.

Most Popular Bohemian Basement Creations

One of the most popular Bohemian basement creations is incorporating the use of natural materials and stone in the renovation or redesign of a current basement. A good example of this would be a stone fireplace with colorful firebox rockers. Other suggestions for creating a truly Bohemian experience include using large moss covered ceramic tile in the walls to resemble logs or piles of stone. Also consider using different colored glass mosaic tiles that wrap around the ceiling. The combination of rustic stone and glass creates a warm and inviting environment that is conducive to creativity and thought.

Another way to create a truly Bohemian atmosphere is to use cork boards on the walls as well as large natural stone walls. Large open spaces are created by the use of large wooden doors and windows that have open shades on the lintel and large, colorfully carved columns. Floors are lined with comfortable cork boards where one can rest to read, meditate, or simply relax. Rustic light fixtures give the basement a cozy, outdoorsy atmosphere.

The Perfect Bohemian Basement Ideas

Bohemian basement ideas can be further developed with the addition of large stone walls and wooden beams in the floor. These walls provide ample room for all of the Bohemian decorative items that you would like to display. Large stone walls and wood paneled beams provide excellent insulation, along with being an attractive focal point to any decor. Add a fire pit or two and the whole basement will have that unique, rustic feel.

There are many more ways to integrate the outdoors into your Bohemian style farmhouse basement. Large stone walls with colorful hand painted art and architecture create the perfect backdrop to your natural stone walls. Add a wooden floor, which is surrounded by large wooden doors and windows. Add wooden planters filled with herbs and flowers, and you have a country scene worthy of a cozy kitchen.

Rustic Bohemian Basement Brick Wall

A country home feel is perfect for your rustic Bohemian basement. Brick walls provide the perfect backdrop for a fire pit and open stone walls provide a relaxing environment. Stained glass window areas add a touch of refinement. These brick wall features can easily be stained into a natural color scheme using any type of wood to create your own personal signature.

The most popular feature in many Bohemian basements are stone walls, which provide warmth and character. Wood paneled walls with colorful hand painted art, large wooden doors and windows provide the opportunity to display your decorative items. Add a fire pit and wood paneled ceiling to your wall, and you have created a unique focal point to display antiques, collectibles and beautiful objects. Adding colorful rugs to a wooden wall adds an additional touch to this rustic design.

Boiling herbs in a ceramic bowl adds a delightful scent to your Bohemian style room. Adding pictures on wooden wall scroll work makes the room more authentic. Adding throw pillows with an antique look or a blanket on a wooden pullout couch will keep you warm while enjoying your favorite music. The charm of this Bohemian style will stay in your basement for years to come.



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